How To Improve Your Hand Speed

So how do you improve your hand speed? That’s what I’m talking about today. Hello welcome to Baseball Player University I’m Jeff Forney your founder and host of Baseball Player University Hand speed we’ve all heard of a hitter being referenced as man that hitter has quick hands or he has great bat speed. Is there a difference between hand speed and bat speed? I’m talking about that today and if we want to improve our hand speed man it plays a vital role in the whole hitting process. Alright were back here hitting today and we’re
going to talk about hand speed and I want to make sure we make a distinction between
hand speed and bat speed. Hand speed is how quick we’re getting that
bat head down into the hitting zone. A lot of things can break down in the swing. The lower half we might drift or whatever
but when our hands start to break down we start to lose that bat speed. We’re not going to be an effective hitter
so we’re going to talk about that today initiating the swing with them hands getting them hands
into the zone. The first drill we’re going to start out with
Garrett is going to start right down here on a knee and I always like to tell these
guys pretend you don’t have a lower body. We’re taking the lower body and the swing. If all you have is your upper body this is
the way you utilize it. We want to try to get everything we can. Remember we worked earlier with the flat bat. This is a great time to use it as we’re working
on a good plane to the ball. What we look for with Garrett here is an immediate
slot with this elbow. This portion of the swing called Bat Lag right
here. This is where we want to get on plane to hit
the ball. So now it comes through. We got that good arc that we talked about. We keep a good elbow to hip relation and that’s
where we have power as a hitter with our hands. So he’s going to practice this drill right
down here on his knee where her Riley. Nice good swing. That’s a homer dude you went over the net. All right. Good. A tough drill down there he has to create
that good slot. All right hold up right there. As you can see when he fan is obviously this
brain is going to be low. Everybody talks about a high finish or whatever
the swing the finish of the swing is based upon the plane as the ball bat head goes through
the zone. All right. We wanted to stay flat do this on for a long
period of time. It has a tendency to finish lower than high
or we start going higher we’ll go start dipping it tilted our shoulders and casting in the
bat. Now we’re going to graduate this up a little
bit. Come on over here Riley we’re going to take
T3 Elite Training Bat. Go ahead grab it for me and what I’m a work
on him which again is that elbow to hip relation him coming in here. So we get power so we have power. We don’t hit at extension. We hit with leverage. If I come in here and my swing comes in the
zone right here. Now I have leverage to drive through the ball. If I immediately go to extension there’s no
power there. So he’s going to do an explosive half swing. Driving T-3 head in there. Again we got T-3 got the leverage coming right
there and he’s just going to stop the bat and explosive position right there. hold the finish for me right there. Now as you can see when he comes in here we
got this relation right here what I hear is called palm up palm down. That’s what makes the bat come in there and
it’s like it is firm. If this starts to get below this they’ll forearm
man we will have a soft bat ball is not going to ricochet off. OK. So now good job Riley. We will go over here. We will put the T3 to the test. It’s a Live hitting tool. We can hit live with it. We will go practice the same drill hitting
live. All right go ahead Hayden. I’ll set up right there is. Good. Go ahead drive through. That a boy. Get all the through that ball for me now. Drive through that thing. Go ahead pick up your regular bat for me. Now you saw that good force coming in here
we want the movement when his hands is coming there to get in the zone. We want to be right there when we initiate
that. As you can see everything is coming through
here. Now he takes his bat that first movement and
then the force just takes his right on through there. A Star Wars May the Force be with you know
what I’m saying. So get the bat head through there. We’ll take a look at this swing when he gets
done. Attaboy drive it now. Attaboy Hayden. One more. Right. Let’s go to the video analysis right here. I would do with his regular bat you can see
right here there’s a good load. Boy you’ll create your front side you can
see all these guys are pretty consistent in what they do. Look at that boy. He’s getting that hit in the zone quick. Now you see the next frame he’s getting here
raise a good slot for the bat drive right on through there. So that’s good hand speed. We’re talking about hand speed today. Make sure you get that bat head into that zone. Get in there with the power of the rotation. All right. We’ll see you on the next segment. Alright let’s take a couple of more.

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