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Open your racket a little bit more. No you don’t have to open
your racket too much. Right now before you do this one,
don’t hit the ball too hard. Try to keep the ball on
the table first. Okay? I’m going to show you.
You’re going to serve short. So make a higher arc first.
How can we make it? Too high huh? Still too high. How about this one? Oh even worse. See over the net no problem now you’re going to make a lower arc. How can you make it? Change your racket angle. Faced to forward. Good. Looks good but quality is still not enough. Now you can feel you
can lift the ball here then try to face… change your racket angle
faced like this. Now you’re going to add a little bit of brush there because you need the ball over
the net right? Okay let’s go. Brush the ball like this. Okay now you say “oh I’m getting better,
how about the next one, closed?” No, not yet. Stay there. Now you can brush and use your wrist
to add a little bit more power. Like this See that? A little bit more power and brush So just a little bit more. But first thing you have to lift the ball,
you have to know how to lift the ball. Okay? I showed you earlier how you can do it. Open your racket. Easy. Right? Then change your racket angle more, more like this. Then you stay here stay here and practice a little bit longer time you automatic, this is your
automatic racket angle here. Then I think you won’t
have too much trouble on your flip. Okay you can try it.
Thank you very much.

55 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Forehand Flip – Table Tennis University

  1. Well first take a service from ( just an example ) Ma Lin. Look at his moves and try to make it yourself with you own style
    Sorry i am german
    13 years old 🙂

  2. If I make a flick from a backspin serve it feels like scooping the ball a bit right?
    Normaly I put my right foot forward to perform the FH-flick but now I have a trainer who tells me it's better to put the left foot forward. Bit confusing?! Any suggestions? Thx in advance!

  3. Hi. I want to know if the backhand flip racken angle can be more closed because its easier to attack but when the ball has backspin is harder and ussually hits the net sometimes pass it but sometimes not

  4. Yes, use whichever racket angle works for the ball you're faced with. There's no one universal angle that works for every situation though. Often a change in angle is needed depending on whether the incoming ball is backspin or topspin. You need to find out for yourself what works for you in each situation.

  5. in my opinion he uses to much downforse with his upperbody i preferer to get under the ball en give it more power from below

  6. what if the ball push a very short in return.. can forehand flipping do effectively? wish u have a video lessons about serving. coach Li is very good teacher. thanks in advance 🙂

  7. Yes you should always look for the opportunity to be the first attacker. It is important to keep your elbow low to the table and make sure your stroke is quick. Flipping is all about hand spin and a quick brush of the ball as opposed to a flat shot. It's definitely worth practicing so if you have someone who can feed short push by multiball then get into the habit of trying to flip a little more often 🙂

  8. won a tournament today.It was against my friend only..and we were not keeping score really.I really forgot what happened.

  9. hi yaa I'm from peru i love table tennis and i want to do tha ghost spin service but I can't could you help me?

  10. Hey, when I try to do a backhand tomahawk serve, the ball always end out of the table. Could you help me with it? Thank you.
    – Quentin from France

  11. I have taken up table tennis just this past sept. 24th. my friends n i play about 5 times a week 4 many hours. however i am an below left elbow amputee. So naturally serving can be a challenge. i am consistant however my serve is not what i see the pros doing. i bounce the ball then send it over the net. Is that considered legal…Or do I need to work on the lob n bounce to be considered legal in my delivery?

  12. Each serve against which you are using your forehand flip will bounce only once on the table. It is easy to use flip against high and long serves, and is not very effective against such serves/returns as well. I would rather use a forehand loop in such cases. I guess while coaching it is important to show the technique because of which you are doing it against easier serves, but the main use of flip is against short and low serves/returns. If you can add some clips (possibly with slo-mos) at the end of the video showing the use of flip against really short and low (and spinny, may be) serves, that would help.

  13. I liked ur videos …..but where can i get beginners videos on ur channel….can u pls upload beginners videos…

  14. those serves would actually get off the table so that u can just loop it the real forehand flick should be done when the ball will bounce twice on the table!!!!!

  15. With the simple question, I think the reply is world class. I presume, the return isn't that hard but the turn like the video is superb. Thanks Li.

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