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Counter loop. When you say this word counter loop that
means you’re going to think bigger stroke, and more power more spin. Sometimes no. If you practice counter loop you have to start from a small motion. Then try to go a little bit bigger then bigger. The timing where’s your sweet spot you have to practice. So for myself in front of my body here that’s my sweet spot. So the ball come to this area I can loop the ball. here’s too late here’s too early so here this area in my front of
my body this area’s my best area for looping the ball. So the counter loop most time far away from the table. So the ball going to bounce to this area. You’re going to wait or you have to run faster to catch the best spot. The counter loop, when you do the counter loop
far away from the table you don’t have to use the full swing there. Still don’t use the full swing. Okay, just seventy/eighty percent.
For example my my swing just like this big and I go counter loop I can go a little bit bigger like this. So just just turn your body a little bit more. No good, just save the ball. No good,
save the ball. Got a chance, quick turn your body. When you do the counter loop lots of times the situation happens different. Most times uh… the timing always off. So how can you get the good timing. Lower your body. Very important. Lower your body. Aim to
when you catch the ball aim to the white line. So first thing if you standing like this
that’s hard to hit the ball harder. But lower your body
you’re going to have lots of room in front of your body lots of room there. Okay, so go… So you can feel lots of room here and lots of control. Lower your body and you’re going to find your sweet spot. Uh… so your movements, your motion, don’t have to go full swing seventy, eighty percent swing good enough. And aim to here the white line. Turn your body faster, the ball supposed to be high
quality. Okay? So when you practice try to remember it. Lower your body not full swing aim to here. Also your racket angle when you move to if you want you got a chance to hit the ball harder you have
to close your racket angle face down more. Okay, for example normal when you loop like this and you got a chance to hit the ball harder close down a little bit more. So your racket angle like this. So faced down all the time because you got time to So don’t worry the ball won’t go into net because you already have a good
enough brush. Okay faced down more After you practice for a while you’re going to know where’s your sweet spot and racket angle. Okay, so faced down a little bit more and aim to here. And after you practice for a while you asked me where’s where are you going to hit the ball on your racket. I want to say I’m sorry we our racket only one sweet spot here, my forehand. Doesn’t matter your smash, loop, counter loop, slow loop
and loop drive… doesn’t matter where your ball always stay here. If the ball come to here you’re going to miss. You can try so it doesn’t matter which which angle you’re going to stay. You can do
backhand… backhand. So it doesn’t where loop drive and counter loop it’s the same spot here. Everything placing here. So you hit the ball
always around this area because you only have one sweet spot on your racket even your serve, okay? Counter loop we have lots of different
situations. First thing the ball, the arc, coming to this way you have
to hit the ball inside. You won’t go outside, outside the ball go
otherside. And the ball’s coming heavy topspin,
really heavy your opponent have really good power and spin you have to hit the ball like this because if you hit the ball like this, the ball will go out. Okay, if the ball coming this way just flat, speed very fast you have to hit the
ball here because you need power and you need the arc to get over the net. So you have to hit the ball
like this. If his ball goes this way you have to try to hit the ball
on the side. So it depends, different situations. If you want to try everything you’d better go find a robot, it’s better. You can set up different spin different speed and everything together. So right now it’s
really hard to tell you exactly where are you going to touch the ball. On the top, on the bottom
or side. So different situations. So this one it’s really tough to
answer so I’m sorry about that. Okay, so you can go practice maybe you can get it.

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