– Well welcome back to
sunny Naples, Florida. Adam Bazalgette here, founder
of Scratch Golf Academy and two-time PGA Teacher
of the Year winner. We’re gonna talk today
about how to include, how to improve I should
say, your club path, lotta times it’s referred to swing plane. Hopefully got some helpful
advice for you here. Stay tuned. (upbeat electronic music) Okay so how to improve your club path, this is something there’s a
lot of topic of discussion on. It is very very important
because the club path, or if you like the swing plane, has a big determining factor
not only on your direction, but also to some extent how
solidly you hit the ball. It isn’t as difficult as you think, I hopefully have got a couple
good ideas for you here. By the way if you subscribe to the channel got lots of free content
will be coming your way if you find this helpful. So let’s get into it. What is required? And what we’re gonna
focus on primarily here for the next couple of minutes is the bottom half of your playing circle, less the top half. If you can get the bottom part right, the bottom of this circle, you will have a great deal of success hitting the ball where you want to. And to a large extent the top
half will take care of itself. There’s two real things
you’ve gotta remember and two things you’ve got to adhere to. Number one, interesting
little teaching aid here. It’s a hammer, or it’s
a mallet on a shaft. Number one, and this is
gonna sound over simplistic but it can be really helpful to you. The job of the golfer
is to strike the ball so that it goes forward
and towards the target. Simple enough right? You’d be amazed how different to that a lot of people’s swing path is, they’re coming out, they’re coming in, they’re coming too much down. You take a little mallet like this and literally just set up, it’ll be so obvious to
you what would be required to tap that ball forward. Big mistake a lot of people make is rolling the club and
getting it behind them. There’s no way you’re
gonna do that with this. Yeah it would feel completely
counter instinctive. So whatever would be most
obvious and most simple to tap the ball forward
would be a great indicator of what you should be
feeling in your plane. Now you’ll notice this club
face doesn’t twist dramatically. It doesn’t stay completely hooded. It just has a very natural, small pendulum that relates to the target line. So take a little golf club,
tap the ball forward like that, believe me, that is gonna
get you on the right track. Let’s ghost it with a golf club and you’ll see how they move
in much the same fashion. I’m not a big fan of this
toe up thing over here. I think the toe would typically be, a little bit more forward. I think that’s much more natural. So number one remember, your job is to create a motion that taps or compresses the ball
forward towards the target. It really isn’t that difficult to do if you play around with
something like this. Number two, you have to do it in keeping with the
design of the golf club. So if the golf club’s
designed about like this. That represents your circle. So your circle is gonna
represent something like that. The golf club has this
design, you go way under that, that’s pretty difficult to
do and if you go way above it less you have a nice re-route or something that’s difficult to do. So two things remember, Number one, create a natural swing path. If you picture me slapping my hand, or the mallet that drives the ball forward towards the target. And number two, just do it in
something that is in keeping with the design of the golf club. You can fiddle around with those and I’d definitely get
something like a seven iron or an eight iron or whatnot and just do some of these
little baby half-swings from about hip high to hip high. Play around a little bit,
hit some 20, 30 yarders. This thing is not that difficult and again if you can master this a little bit, believe me you’ll be well on the way to the rest of the swing plane. All you do is add a little bit of speed. Okay then I hope that helps you. Gives you ideas on how to
improve your club path. Love to get you more of the free content. Just subscribe to the channel, you get lots more of this coming along. Love to have a little
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I think you’d find it helpful. Hope this helps you get on
track with your swing plane. Hope it makes it a little simpler for you.’s my website. Hope this helps. (upbeat electronic music)


  1. A very simple, but effective lesson – swing small, build up the feel and focus on the "bottom of the half"

  2. Adam has some of the best advice I've ever seen. In an effort to hit out across the ball, that inside/out swing that everyone talks about, I find myself taking the club back too far inside. This video really shows people the correct plane of the club. His video on squaring the club at impact, by snapping the wrists back to the starting position is also right on the money.. Since I started doing that, I'm hitting the ball more consistently than ever. Primarily because I'm more often square at impact..

  3. On your Scratch Golf Academy site you demonstrated a way to hit cleaner chips by choking down on the shaft, for the first time in a long time not one fat shot or chilly dip all round. The best tip ever on any site anywhere. Thank you

  4. Adam should an individuals' swing plane differ between the irons vs the driver, 3 wood etc or does it stay the same regardless. Really enjoy all your video content. Thank you!

  5. Alright so obviously i love your content. But i gotta say i love your intro to all your videos. That music is so good. Nice hype for each video. Well done!

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