How To Hydro Dip Ronaldo’s Football Boots! CR7 Soccer Custom

Hi guys Ian from the Football Boots team
and today we’re gonna make a Cristiano Ronaldo inspired custom we’re gonna turn
a pair of his Superflys into a Juve inspired Superfly we’re gonna have
zebra prints we’re gonna do hydro dipping we’ve got the spray paint out
there’s gonna be gold there’s gonna be pink you guys going to want to stay
tuned and see exactly what we do with these boots so it’s all about Ronaldo
we’ve got the stuff I’m gonna get stuck in the first thing I’m gonna do is make
a decision between using his just do it Superflys from the world cup, an old
cr7 but this is a previous Superfly so this is a kind of cr7 thing we’re
looking at for a chapter or something like that but we’re decided not gonna do
the old Superfly so we’ll check those out then obviously we had the original
Superfly that he wore when they came out or I was thinking that maybe this time
around why don’t we do it on a kids pair so there’s not a lot of difference in
part from size between the adults and the kids and there’s a little bit more
Nikeskin on these for me to work with even this to help me dunk them when we
do the hydro dipping so I’m going to turn a kid’s pair of white Just Do It
Superflys into a Ronaldo Juve pair we’re gonna have two
different ones so there’s gonna be the pink and the gold and the zebra print
and it’s gonna look awesome so the guys stay tuned to this video let’s go do it
first thing I want to do is get the laces out of these so let’s get these
out of the way all right so we’re gonna tape up this lacing area to protect that
I’m gonna leave this all white and also gonna tape up this soleplate get my duct
tape all right so there is the soleplate all
covered up we’re going to spray paint that later but for now I want to protect
it from the hydro dip moving on we’re gonna do the collar area time to sort
out these Swooshes here so I’m just gonna tape up the area right there you
go that’s enough to cover up most and protect that side let’s do the same on
this side That will do me, alright right so time to take off all of this
tape and we’ll have a look and see what it looks like on here hope you can have
some nice and gold swooshes I have got the sharpie here and I’m gonna use the
sharpie to put a little edge and a border on them before we move on and do
our stripes so this is gonna be a really nice little reveal I think you guys are gonna
have to let me know what you think about gold swoosh on these look at that loving
that and the other thing is this gold soleplate just makes them look so
premium oh man I could stop right there couldn’t I? white and gold superflys vote in the poll card now would you guys buy
these have a vote let us know alright time to add some stripes right so we’re
going to take our Ronaldo cut out and we’re gonna put on the front of the boot
and I’m going to cut one out right so time to apply our Ronaldo
celebration to the toe box what I’ve done is I’ve cut around that left myself
with this sticker and I’m gonna put on so we’ll just leave that there
I’m just gonna work out where I want it pretty much right over the toe box is
the plan see that there we go right so I’ve gone ahead and I’ve taped
up this boot you can see I’ve written white where everything’s gonna go CR7 logo so I’m just
gonna peel off the black areas because these are the bits that I’m gonna paint
and we’re gonna leave all of this white on alright another bit there so this is
all gonna go black through these sections so let’s get onto it got a
little tray got on assortment of paint brushes got some black paint some black
leather paint which is gonna do the trick for these anyway we’re just gonna
paint this on now the question is where shall we start?
and I think I’ll start right across this toe box all right first stripe on time to move
on to our next black stripe alright let’s let this dry a little bit
and we’ll move on and do the back section including the cr7 and Juve
logos which is gonna be the hardest bit I’ll imagine right I’ve gone ahead
and cut out my Juve logo and I’m gonna apply that now to the rear
of the boot so we can peel that off and we can have a look and work out exactly
where we want this to go and I’m thinking whoa if we could fit it in to
match to that that would be pretty sweet so that’ll be a white Juve logo
with the black around it so now I need to move on and paint the black in these
sections I’ve got my cr7 to go around here so now I’m gonna cut that out
and we’ll put that on cut out my cr7 got it here and I’m thinking that we’re
gonna put it about here time to do a bit more painting right I’m just gonna take a little bit
of this green tape and I’m gonna put it all the way around the edges of this
just to stop it stretching out when I’m dipping I want to maintain the shape so
that when I put it on it doesn’t move and stretch it’s just gonna stay okay so the next thing we’re going to do
before we apply the paint is to remove these swooshes so let’s have a look at
this one and it doesn’t matter about that little bit of orange that you’re
seeing because I’m gonna paint over it in fact it’s useful for a border for me
so we can just paint over that no worries good thing is that I’m getting
that logo off really clean okay so let’s have a look at this other side alright
so what do we think of that with that looks really clean like that be nice to
paint this up so that’s what I’m going to do now is I’m gonna paint these
swoosh areas in this bright Tahitian pink it’s kind of a pink is
quite a classic Juve color so I thought we’d give it a go with that
otherwise I was considering doing a bright yellow obviously that’s the third
color on the Juve shirt this year but um yeah we’re gonna go with the Tahitian
pink which i think is gonna stand out really nice against this black and white
so let’s get on with that all right so I’m gonna touch these up a
bit but look at those lovely pink swooshes it’s looking good I can’t wait
to add Ronaldo to the toe box here and then we’ll put off the rest of this
spray the soleplate this is gonna be a sick boot I’ve gone ahead and I’ve put
my Ronaldo figure back on the toe box here and then I’ve just gone around
with a pencil and I’ve just traced around the outline of him so I can fill
in the inside of it with paint so I can peel this back and I’ve got the area for
his celebration to go in here and I’m gonna know how to put him on so we’ll
take that off and we’re gonna fill this in with the colour changing paint which
is gonna look amazing so let’s do that now first I’m gonna mix
that up and make it alright so the stuff I’m going to use for the colour change
is this solar color dust it is pink or coral as it starts up I’m gonna grab
this light here I’m gonna bring it closer and I’m just gonna put it the
light on it give me two seconds and now can you see how that’s going purpley in
here and it’s gonna go purple on the boots so I’m gonna get some of this out
and we are going to do this transfer now so I’m just going to mix up a couple of
bits of this and then into my tray and then we’ll put in some some white
leather paint and we’ll see how we go so here’s the white hopefully we get this
really beautiful pink coral colour right so the next thing we’re gonna do is add
this to the soleplate the first thing I’ve got to do is take off this old bit of
tape here and we can find out and see what our soleplate is looking like
underneath already then I’m gonna have to tape up again to protect paint work that
we already have alright guys so we have finished the
customization we have got the black white and pink and the black white and
gold these Juve Ronaldo inspired boots so we’ve gone from a boot look like this
all the way to these two finished products now as you can see I switched
up and I made the Pink’s match obviously color changing is cool but I think with
this boot is much more important to have that solid similar pink throughout the
whole boot so what is your preference vote in the poll card now let me know do
you like the pink version or do you like the gold version obviously with this one
we’ve got the cr7 and the Juve logo on this one we’ve got the celebration
across the front and we’ve got all of this hot pink all over the boots if I
was to decide on which my favourite is I’m gonna probably go with this one with
the touch of pink talking to Blake we were just thinking this really could be
a boot that you could see Nike release for any player wouldn’t need to be cr7
specially if you take off that bit the front you could see this even as like a
Nike ID option these are like banging boots big fan of these as well though
obviously the cr7 logo looks sharp on this and the UV logo on there as well
let me know in the poll card what you think and please let me know in the
comment below any suggestions of boots that you’d like to see as custom in the
future maybe for other players maybe Mbappe Neymar anybody else you want to
see us make some custom boots for we can do it what do you think of these let me
know in the comments below thank you very much for watching guys go enjoy
your football

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  1. We create TWO unique Juve inspired custom Superfly's for Cristiano Ronaldo! Remember to VOTE in the poll card and COMMENT below any suggestions for customs we can do next time! Thanks for watching! //Blake

  2. I will be going out of fun and I really want one of your boots please if you can give it to me I live in Bordinos Saint Michael is at school if you do thank you very much

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