How To Hydro Dip For Football! ?? Stunning Custom Boots!

Hi guys Ian from the Football Boots team
and today as I’m filming this it is Halloween we’ve also got day of the dead
coming up so in this video I’m gonna take some Nike football boots I’m gonna
hydro dip them and we’re gonna see what they look like with the hydrographic
film thanks to the guys at Southern Hydro Graphics for sending us out the
film to put onto these boots I’ve got this one with the Halloween graphics on
it I’ve also got some awesome Day of the Dead skull candy look at that we’ve got
these slightly larger skulls as well they’re just gonna look amazing when we
apply them to the boots and we’re also going to go ahead and try dipping a
skull as well and we’ll just see what that looks like with the skull print on
it and the last thing is obviously this scream mask we’ll see what that looks
like with the print over the front of it as well make sure you don’t miss out on
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subscribed right let’s start off with the Halloween
graphic and we’ll go for the skulls later on Right Blake a lot of people been asking me to Hydro Dip my hand shall we do it? That look good? Yeah how’s that look good
spooky scary ah time to try it with a boot got my new dipping tool ready ready to give it a go? That’s a cool boot! right guys so which one is your favorite
out of these do you like the skull mask with the hand on it do you like the shin
pad do you like the hand with the Halloween or do you like the scream mask
which has now got bit of blue on it as well my favorite out of these is going
to be the shin pad it just looks super clean
but I want to know what your favorite is in the boots as well so we’ll move on
and we’ll have a look at those vote in the poll card now tell me your favorite
out of these four one two three four have a vote now we’re gonna move on and
look at the boots so vote in the poll card on your favorite boots we’ve got
this one with the kind of pinky skull graphic on it this one with the black
skull graphic on it and then these the Halloween superflys which is your
favorite out of these three boots I’ve got to say that whilst I like this one I
really love the black one I think that could be my favorite and the Halloween
one’s quite nice as well thanks to the guys at Southern
hydrographics for hooking us up with the stuff to make these and also check out
the playlist coming up which has got more of our hydrographic dipping videos
where we’ve done all sorts of creations on boots we’re going to have more videos
coming soon thank you very much for watching go enjoy your football

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