How To Hydro Dip Football Boots! ⚽ CR7 Soccer Cleats

hi guys Ian from the football boots team and I am back I’m doing another hydrogen you may have seen one of the two hydrogen I’ve already done this time it is a special Christiano Ronaldo edition he obviously was in these boots but now he’s in these so can I do a hydrogen and turn the cr7 s into the new Superfly 360 s you’re about to find out in this video and I’ve got a bunch of other boots as well so this is my splatter paint custom that you might seen on the channel before I am gonna try and change those into some other colors mess around with those just another boot to throw in there and this is an old custom that we did a long time ago I’m gonna give it a new lease of life another paint and maybe I even try and change the soleplate on this one or one of the other boots and we’ll see what’s going to happen there so one of the things I’m going to try and do is do a bit of taping I’ve got some tape here we’re going to get this going and the idea with this is I’m just going to try and protect like some of the swooshes on the boots but also try and create that like M logo so I’m going to try and keep the M logo when I do some of this Hydra dipping so it’s a little bit different this time this is what it the last one I’m going to do with spray paints the next hydrogen I’m going to do is using the sheets which is a little bit different that’s the proper Hydra dipping this is just spray paint I’m kind of DIY stuff and we’re gonna do the proper Hydra dipping next time so make sure you subscribe to the channel for that let’s get on with it and start doing some Hydra dripping right now alright so let me just give a little bit of a spray paint of this I’m gonna try and get rid of some of that splatter design [Music] [Music] all right that should pretty much do it we’re gonna have the colors that we put on with the hydrogen for going to stand out on top of that alright let’s fill it up with some water [Music] all right so we’ve got it primed I’m gonna put a little bit of tape on this to protect the laces all right this is going like an volt traditional Nike [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] right so the challenge is these are the superfly 360s these are own arrows previous boots can we go from one to the other there’s a few little things I’m going to do to help myself out and I’ve already grabbed this one and I’ve taped up the M logo but what I was thinking instead of using these and maybe potentially ruining these we’re going to use some other boots that we’ve still got a little bit cheaper so we’re going with these old ones I’ve already gone ahead and taped up the Nike swoosh so you can see on this one it’s still there and I thought I’d try and keep that so I’ve done that so the next thing I was going to do is whack the M logo on the heel take that off this one and put it onto this one that’s gonna leave me with a white end but I can always color it in later you’ve got the rest of that mercurial logo here so let me just pull that off right the next thing I do is gonna pull these laces out cuz I don’t want to dip the laces alright so next step is take get a big ol bit of tape all right I reckon we can take give it a go and we’re going orange with these we’re gonna make these super flies [Music] all right so here we go they’re going in just joking not those ones all right so we’re gonna pop these in let’s see what happens I’m gonna start here got a paint [Music] [Music] [Music] all right so we’re gonna do a whole bunch of different colors and I’m just gonna tape this area here to stop it from getting any paint on it so we can separate off the collar [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] alright so Blake is persuading me that we’re gonna do one more I got the blue and the green here the only thing I’m gonna do is take the laces out we’ll leave the rest of the boot and we’ll see what happens with this knit as well and we’ll see whether that takes the paint or not and just what it looks like remember guys these are just for fun they are not for playing in it will come out it will come off if you playing them so don’t worry about that all right here we go so you can see that it takes pretty well to the paint already it’s taken a little bit off my hands alright so we give it a well maybe this could be a new chapter for another [Music] [Music] I reckon I might get the Sharpie out on a few of these boots and they’re gonna look pretty sweet up there all right so the tape is coming off it came off itself across the top there which is kind of helpful and I thought I’d add my own little touch with the sharpies things this is red and yellow I’m gonna go red on this one we’ll see what happens [Music] [Music] all right this one is dry on the outside but not quite on the inside let’s put this tape off see how well this tape worked for us oh that’s crispy all right let’s have a go on this swoosh right guys so which is your favorite out of all of these boots that we have made let’s start off and we’ll talk about these ones the yellow red ones obviously oh that red swoosh on there now on the black swoosh so the yellow red ones is one choice next choice these were the splatter ones they’ve gone to kind of the vault black that we were looking at still got that bright pink color nice soleplate going on with those these are like to call future chapters cr7 logo on the side kind out aqua colorway going on there and then these ones these were the attempt of making the materials slightly alternate colorway with the white and the orange and the black oh I like those call those future materials may be the orange materials whatever slowing the pole card now let us know which your favorite is in this video make sure you stay tuned we’ll be doing some more crazy things with boots and paints and stuff like that coming soon thanks for watching go enjoy your football

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  3. I just watched a 14 yr old kid do this and he was amazing, made it look simple, he made sure temp was right in water, he knew what he was doing these guys are useless. Just stop. You have no idea wtf you’re doing except ruining boots.

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