How To Hydro Dip a Football! (Soccer Ball) ⚽️

– Hi, guys.
(electronic music) We are back, and we’re gonna do some more hydro dipping. You guys have been giving some tips. You might have seen our previous video where we put football
boots into the hydro dip. This time I’m looking at
doing it with a football. We have some other
football things, shin pads, and some gloves, some more boots. We’ve got some more spray colours to use, and I’ve also got your
tips to put into action. So some of you were saying use hot water. Some of you were saying to do it quickly, and we’re gonna try and improve our hydro dipping game, and we’re gonna get onto it today. I’m gonna start off by
filling this up with water. So I’m adding some hot boiled water from the kettle to the mix. (water gargling) It’s nice and warm. So one of the tips we heard last time was to use a bit of primer
before we put them in. (spray can clicking) So we do that today. (spray can clicking) Okay, so we’re gonna
go with the shin pads. We’re gonna go for of green. (spray can clicking) Okay, I’m gonna go for this bit here where there’s a lot of paint. Under the water, give it a good shake. Bring it back out. Could do it a bit more here, but this pattern’s pretty cool. Much better on flat objects. (spray can clicking) Time to do a boot. We’ll go with these. Question is, what colour. They were red so we can discount that. Black and orange. (spray can clicking) All right, I’m ready for the boot. I might just do the sole plate first and put it out, and then we’ll go for the sides. Three, two, one. Give it a shake. How are we looking? Like a half half design. Quite like that. (spray can clicking) Give that a go. (buzz of spray can) (spray can clicking) (buzz of spray can) All right, so we’re gonna give the fake silver Superflys a go, and we’re gonna go, in
honour of Cristiano Ronaldo, (spray can clicking)
red and green. (spray can clicking) And we’re gonna use loads. (spray can clicking) Are you ready for it? (water gargles) A little bit more on this side. Probably just keep it as it is. It has a little bit of subtle silver. What do you guys think? – [Man] I love it. – Just leave it like that? And myself otherwise, I quite like that. It’s probably our best one boot wise. All right, more paint, and
we’ll go for the sides too. (spray can clicking) Okay, we’re going back in, bit of orange and gold. (water gargling) Oh, it didn’t quite stick as we expected on that one. Maybe I was too fast. Still a massive fan of that sole there. Let’s try this bit here. I think you can be too fast. Oh yeah, look at that. Now with the orange that time. I’ve lost a bit in my sole plate though. A bit of black here maybe. (spray can clicking) Definitely got a half half design in one direction at least. I’m not gonna go so far as to say it’s better than the original colour way. All right, guys, so that is five different objects we’ve done. We’ve done the boots in the red and green. We’ve done this lovely black gold ball. I’ve also got the shin pad that worked out pretty good with those three colours kind of waving on it. We’ve also got our old glove. It just got a new lease
of life with some colours. And the other thing is obviously that black orange on the sole plate in these Nemezizes. So your question to
answer in the poll card is which is your favourite. Do you like the world cup ball? Do you like the shin pad? Do you like the Superfly? Do you like the gloves? Or do you like the Nemeziz? Vote in the poll card now, and let us know what your favourite is. Thanks for watching. Till next time, enjoy your football.

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  3. its not hydro dipping! its marble spray painting and why did you have to ruin a World Cup soccer ball!!!!!!!!!!!!! dislike

  4. soy el unico que piensa que las hace para el orto, tipo se cree que las sabe todas y que le quedaron perfectas porque tiene 1.000.000 de subs y en realidad estan horribles, ni si quiera las pone bien en el papel

  5. Guy,”so today we are going to,be putting,this spray before we dip this in…puts the hole can on

  6. He should watch some tutorials of how to do it better. If you put it slowly in, in a 30 or 40 degree angle and wash off the paint over it before you take the whole thing out it will look a lot better

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