How To Hit With More Power & Drop MASSIVE DINGERS! [How To Tuesday Ep.5]

What’s up guys, Coach Madden, official trainer, and today we’re going to talk about how to hit a baseball with more
power. So, I’ve got 4 tips for you when it comes
to hitting a baseball with more power and the first thing that you need to know is that
you have to have the intent to really hit that ball. Now, I know we talk about bat speed alot and
bat speed is important to have more power when hitting but bat speed is an effect of
your intent and what your intent is, that just means that you have the intention of
swinging this bat very quickly and fast and crushing this baseball. You have to have that aggressiveness within
you. In your mind and in your body when you’re
starting to hit. But if you don’t have that, your swing is
going to be slower, lazier. If you’re just focusing on contact, you’re
not going to be able to hit with more power but if you have that intent and you’re swinging
quick and swinging aggressively and trying to attack that baseball, you’re going to be
able to hit with more power. The second tip that you need to know when
it comes to how to hit a baseball with more power is to have the perfect swing plane. If you’re chopping down at this ball here
and beating that ball into the ground, yeh you might be able to hit it hard if you have
the intent, but it’s not going to go anywhere. When I think of having power I want to hit
more home runs, or more doubles, triples. So, we have to have a good swing plane to
create that trajectory, right, to create that angle, that exit angle that we’re trying to
have when we’re hitting. Because again, you can hit the ball very hard
into the ground right at the shortstop, or we can get good line drives, and hit a few
balls out, hit a few doubles, hit a few triples if you got the wheels. So swing plane is very very very important. When it comes to swing plane, here’s a few
quick tips about swing plane: one is you want to create an axis to swing around. So, an axis is just having that tilt when
we’re swinging. So, by having this axis, now we’re creating
a better swing plane through the zone. The way I like to think about swing plane
is just getting into the zone early and staying there for a while and then finishing through
there. If you’re chopping down, you’re not going
to be in the zone for a very long time. You’re going to have to have perfect timing
when that ball is coming in. But if you’re on plane, you’re going to have
a lot better chance of hitting that ball squarely and hitting with more power. The 3rd thing when it comes to how to hit
a baseball with more power is to have precision. Now I know some of you have probably jumped
the gun and said “you can’t hit a baseball without contact” in the comments below. That’s alright if you already did but hear
me out. You have to have the precision too. If you want to hit with more power, you’ve
got to be able to hit the baseball. So it’s not just about the intent. It’s not just about the bat speed. It’s not just about swing plane. You have to have the precision, the bat control
to hit the baseball. So, you can do some drills, tracking drills
to work on the hand-eye coordination. Mini ball drills to work on hitting a smaller
object than a normal one. But you have to have the precision if you
want to have the power. And lastly, number 4, and probably the most
important when it comes to how to hit a baseball with more power, is you have to have the confidence. You have to believe that you can crush this
baseball. If you don’t believe you can, chances are
you’re not going to be able to do it that often. But if you truly believe you can and you go
up there with that approach, that intent, and that mind set that you can do this, and
you’ve already done it, you’ve already won the game, the battle, then the chances are
that you have a much better, higher likelihood of hitting this ball with more power. So be confident when you step into that box. Know that you’re the man and you can get the
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61 thoughts on “How To Hit With More Power & Drop MASSIVE DINGERS! [How To Tuesday Ep.5]

  1. Coach so I have a question. Recently I started opening up my hip when I swing, and when I fixed that I lost a lot of my power. When I used to bat 3 hole through 5 hole, I started hitting weak ground balls straight up the middle. How should I fix my swing?

  2. hey coach I was just wondering if you could pimp my glove if I could send it to you its a demarini insane I just want my laces to be longer so I could click it

  3. Hey coach,have you done a video on the right mentality to have at the plate?if not could you make one? Thanks!

  4. Need some help.
    When I'm batting, I could be early on the fastball inside but I still hit it to the right side of the field. Is it my bat angle? Cause I don't know what is wrong.

  5. I think a good swing plane is key for a good swing, ever since I tried to focus on having a good swing plane, I have been making great contact and have used a lot more of my power!

  6. HI it's me again I left a thumps up and this video was awesome because I'm a little league baseball player .

  7. Gotta work on getting my hips more open and not to have my bag head drop. Still hitting pretty good with 17 rbi and hitting .385

  8. I've been watching your videos to help me with the upcoming softball season. I played baseball in high school, was never great at it, but after 10 years I figured I'd just get back into the swing of things and play softball with my friends!! Keep these videos coming, I wanna belt some home runs this summer!!

    Also, I'd like some tips on playing infield, and more specifically, 3rd base.

  9. I need help, I took two years off and now I need to get ready for tryouts for high school. Please help me with some drills, tryouts aren't till December.

  10. I just started playing again at 51 in a 45+ league. I'm making great contact but I PULL EVERYTHING!!! I am way to early and out in front with my swing.  I know I have to wait on it , etc  but I have it in my head that I'm not going to catch up to the pitch. Do you have any drills or recommendations? Thanks Darren V NYC!

  11. Hey coach, I keep dropping my shoulder when I hit. I was wondering if you could give a video on drills or tips to help anyone who suffers from the same thing

  12. my son is crushing the ball but everything is line drives. I know that's a good thing but he is getting aggravated that he's not hitting dinger's. what can I do as his coach/Dad to help him.

  13. Dude I've hit 8 dingers in my life and I've used A couple of these tips before and they work but I watched your video about two weeks ago and hit my first homer in about eight months

  14. Hey man! Nice video! I have something I need your advice on. I played little league from double a to majors and I was decent. Three years have now passed and I'm entering my sophomore year of high school. I want to try out for my school's JV team. I specifically want to pitch or play outfield. outfield was my best position but I was awful at pitching. Now I am (in my opinion) much much better. I have a four seam that has some gas on and I have a slider that when I throw it correctly is nasty. For hitting, I'm not a power hitter. I'm more of a contact hitter but I could still rip a few over if I wanted to. The closest batting cage to me has a machine that is seventy and I go there to practice hitting. I really miss the game and feel that I could fit right in if I made the team. Should I try out? Thanks man!

  15. I'm ten years old and not a very good hitter. I'm wondering if when I swing I should keep both of my hands on the bat or take my top hand off. I've tried both. Do you recommend one or should I do what feels more comfortable?

  16. Hey coach.. I need some help with my 8 and 9 year kids.. need to know how to get that confidence built inside them.. any ideas??

  17. 1) believe you are going to hit the baseball
    2) have good swing plane
    3) hit the ball
    4) believe you are going to hit the baseball

  18. Im in 8th grade and im soo close to hitting it over the fence on the highscool feild in practice. Any tips to get that extra 5-10 feet to clear the fence

  19. I used to be a decent player back in my youth but never got one over the fence, got close a couple times. Now I'm playing adult league ball and dedicated to hitting my first dinger. I'll keep this video in my mind at the plate!

  20. I hit a grand slam in the playoffs last year when we were down by 2. We won the game, and that felt really good, but I want to do the same with a heavier bat.

  21. I just went to the field and hit two no doubt dingers and btw they were my first ever ones and I’m eleven

  22. The confidence tip is very true. I was hitting on a 350 foot field one day and could not hit I was one for six in two games next day we were on a 250 field and I was 7 for 13 with four home runs in five games one of which landed on a two story building 50 feet behind the fence.

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