How To Hit in Softball (or Baseball)

Hi, welcome to today’s video. I’m Mr. Bill. Today we’re going to be talking about baseball and softball, very similar sports. The mechanics of what we’re going to talk about today are going to be very similar in both sports. Today our focus is going to be on hitting. To start, we going to look at our hands. When we are looking at our hands, a lot of people are going to say different things but for the most part, when we are just beginning we want to try to line up our knuckles. You can see our knuckles are pretty much lined up. The reason that we do that is it’s going to give us more control when we swing the bat, as well as make us stronger. As we swing we are going to come through. As we do that the biggest thing is we don’t want to lock our wrists, as we come through we want to make sure we roll our wrists over. This is going to help protect us and make it so we don’t injure ourselves. Now that we have talked about our hand placement and how we hold the bat, now we need to talk about how we stand in the batter’s box. This varies a lot from player to player but for those of you that are beginning the best thing to remember is to try to keep your feet about shoulder-width apart and bend those knees. As we swing we’re going to take a small step and as we are going to rotate our hips. The reason we want to take that small step and rotate our hips is because it’s going to allow us to have more power and it’s going to allow us to control where we hit the ball. Take a small step and twist. Now that we’ve seen how to hold our hands and how to stand in the batter’s box, let’s take it to the batting cage and see it in action.

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