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Hie ! viewers , Welcome to nothing but cricket… what am gonna teach you in this video is How to play helicopter shot !? since many of them asked in the comment since many of them asked in the comment I am doing this video But as a professional player one can consider it as unconventional shot.. this, switch hit, reverse sweep are and most of them were asking about Dil-scoop also but these shots are not advisable for upcoming players these shots are played by International cricket for improvisation and also when the required runrate is high but it ain’t required for beginners so if you follow your basics properly you can score more runs but since plenty of them asked for this video am posting this so before going into the video please do subscribe and also press the bell symbol, if you do so you can watch all my videos whenever i post so before going into the shot wrist is really important for this shot therefore if you got weak wrists don’t ever try this shot because it wont be effective and also you won’t get elevation like dhoni gets we wont be getting the elevation to pick the yorker and hit it outta the park, because immense wrist power and bat swing is needed It won’t come in single day, It requires lot of practice and also the foot movement must be rapid, so when you think you got all these three parameters you can try in nets or else please don’t try it in nets and also never try in the matches after getting convinced that you will be able to play this shot by practising in nets, you can try in matches you guys have to pick either a yorker or close ball because these are the easy picking length for helicopter shot so what you have to do is first step is to SLIGHTLY rock the back foot behind unlike playing backfoot shots open the front foot this is the range where the ball will be pitching, and after pitching , we should pick the ball from this range and finish the shot with powerful rotation of wrists.. The back lift should come from here move your back foot back and across and then open your front foot and the back lift should come from here proportional to the power generated bring the bat from here and pick the yorker and complete the shot.. if you do so may be you might get a single or double or if you think you got power like Dhoni there is a chance for clearing the lawn but however this is unconventional shot.. so without proper practice in nets or without getting proper advise don’t implement in match watch the live example Thanks for watching the video i guess I’ve played atleast like a mediocre and if you think so.. please like and before leaving please do subscribe and also press that bell symbol, if you do so you can watch all my videos without missing thanks for watching

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