How to Hit Golf Balls on the Range

So today, I get a lot of questions about my practice routine, what I do, and also the alignment stick that you see in a lot of my videos So I’m just going to go over my typical range session, I guess What I do everyday when I’m practicing and while I’m working on stuff So umm we’ll just start from the beginning! So first off, this is an alignment stick I have two of them And what this is for is just for your alignment When you’re practicing on stuff you want to make sure you’re hitting the same target every time Because if you’re a little open or a little closed that could affect your swing path, and then your shot shape Then you might be working on the wrong thing So it’s good to know that you’re lined up at the same spot every single time and you don’t have to worry about it So what I do, right now I’m going at the white flag So I set one stick down, I come behind it I close one eye And I align the inside of this stick to the inside of this stick So this is for my feet And it should be about this far left of your target I move it a little further left because I personally like a fade So that’s just what I do But you obviously want to line it up You can go to any stick anywhere as long as you know you’re lined up at the same spot So the first thing I do is I grab my 54 You can grab any one of your wedges I just like to warm up with this one And since I’m not loose I like to hit like chip shots to try to find the center of the club face Then I’ll work into bigger shots And when you’re hitting, don’t worry about how you’re hitting it right now You’re just getting warmed up and loose, so you know if you miss it a couple don’t worry about it So right now I’m just focusing on my rhythm, my tempo And just honestly trying to hit it solid I don’t like to come out and hit full shots right away Just because It’s hard on your body, I like to warm up a little bit, you can stretch before So I’ll hit about Honestly I just hit until I feel comfortable I don’t have like a set number that I need to hit for the day So I’ll start with chips and I’ll work up a little bigger Just working on tempo Feeling my swing My rhythm And obviously I’m not pure-ing them right now I’m just trying to warm up Find impact And then once I feel comfortable with that I’ll move a little bit bigger into a full swing These are going to be probably like 50% swing speed compared to what I hit around like 85%, 90% sometimes They’re just slow and just to get loosened up and feel that timing of the club falling through impact Okay, so once I feel comfortable with that Umm also I’m kind of shortening it up right now so it’s not like my normal routine It’s not like hours and hours of video of me hitting So I’m just going to hit a couple shots of each and what I’m kind of thinking about and working on One thing that’s different is like when I’m practicing normally I always come in with one or two either swing thoughts I want to work on So if I come in thinking I want to work on my takeaway umm I’m just really going to focus in on that and not really work through my bag I’ll probably just hit you know 7 irons and just really work on stuff That’s where the alignment stick comes in to play If I want to work on alignment then I won’t put that down and I’ll kind of go through my routine If I’m getting ready for a big event and I want to kind of feel what it’s like out on the golf course I’ll go through my entire bag, I’ll go through my routine on every one So each day I kind of come in with a different focus and that’s going to determine how I practice But today I’ll kind of teach this as, or… go through this as its just like a normal practice Which I’ll kind of go through as I’m working on something and as if I’m working on playing Next I go to my 9 iron When I work through my bag I usually go 54, 9, 7, 5 iron, 3 wood, driver, and back to a hybrid If I’m warming up before a big event, I do that same thing every time too That’s just… I don’t know why! There’s no rhyme or reason to it, that’s just what I’ve always done and I just stick to it So if I’m going to play an event I’m not going to work on my swing I’m just going to work on tempo and rhythm But if I am going to work on my swing, if I’m on the range the biggest thing I work on is my takeaway I come out and inside and I kind of cross a little bit at the top, so I always work on… and I get pretty handsey too I kind of cock my wrists pretty fast so I make sure I work on just keeping everything together And I’m not having any extra movement And so umm When I’m practicing to work on something you’ll see me do a lot of practice backswings to really make sure I’m in the right positions Then when I hit it, I’m not worried about how I’m hitting it It’s really hard to make a correction and also hit the ball really well So when I’m out here I’m just really trying to make sure I’m doing the correct technique And then the ball flight and impact will come once I feel more comfortable with the backswing And again, If I’m playing or if I’m going to go out on the golf course, or if I have an event and I’m getting ready for it I do not work on technique at all In find one or two swing thoughts that are more feel based So for me I drop my head and get really I have a lot of movement So one thing I think of is I always keep my head up and still Another thing is temp because I get really fast and quick when I’m nervous So those are the two things that I think of while I’m warming up and while I’m out on the golf course So if I’m working on something I will spend Gosh As many hours as I need until I feel comfortable with the swing change So it could be one hour or it could be 5 hours It just depends on when, if I feel like I’ve made progress If I feel out a couple of things and I feel like I’m good I’ll move on to a different club But that’s what I work on during a swing change And I’ll usually just keep with the same club too Umm so I’ll usually just hit 9 irons or 7 irons all day long until it felt good And then umm If I’m getting ready for an event I just hit until I feel good, so I don’t have like a set time So if I feel good after a coupe swings I’ll work through my bag really fast If I feel like I’m struggling with tempo then it takes me a bit longer So every day is different, don’t go in thinking that you have to stick to the same thing every single day The best thing is actually to mix it up and to work on things that you want to work on and umm really work on your weaknesses too I always like to tell people to not spend that much time on the range, obviously we’re doing a range video today So that’s all I’m talking about now But if you want my honest opinion on how to really improve your game Don’t spend really any time on the range Work on things here and there, but you don’t really need to hit more than an hour Spend all your time on short game, and I’ll do another video on how I practice my short game and the drills, and the putting drills I do as well Okay, so umm that’s a bit of what I do when I’m out on the range I will for the next couple of videos I’ll do one for short game, and putting, maybe wedges And I also get a lot of requests for how to work the ball left and right, draws and fades So umm My goal is to put more videos out umm Do more fitness, golf, lifestyle, everything just to show you a little more of my life Keep on watching throughout the year because I’ll be posting more, I promise! And hope you liked this video!

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  1. I’m a new fan, just as I’m a new fan of “Coach” and “Big Cat”, Mike and Mark at Golfoholics. This is great stuff and love the vids! Thanks for educating us. Where did you learn to play? Who was your biggest influence? What’s the biggest mindset difference between playing in college and going pro? Are there support people that tell you what you need to do to go pro or do you figure it out yourself?

  2. Thank you for these tips! I’ve been gradually getting into golf. My biggest issue is because I grew up playing baseball my body is accustomed to stepping into my swing or instead of planting my feet I push off my back foot too much. Continuously practicing and hitting the range. I need to get those sticks!

  3. Not related to the driving range necessarily, but can you do a video of bad lies? 1) out of a divot 2) downhill 3) near green, but off no grass

  4. I am ready to take up Golf at 52 and I'm watching all your videos with great interest and really pleased I chose you to be my coach thank you.

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