1. Interesting how you closed the club face down. Perhaps the angle of the camera was misleading but it appeared that you rolled your right wrist over. Is that what I saw?

  2. Thanks Adam. Please give the name of the book you mentioned about "play" and its relationship to learning golf. PT

  3. Thanks! Your videos WITH great explanations are the best! I can see why you won Instructor of the year…twice! ?

  4. Great videos!!!! What do the divots tell me about my swing, or do it matter if my divots are not lined up to my target

  5. Hi Warren, Thanks for the golf lesson.I have been playing golf off & on for 30 years on a handy cap of 20-24 and not getting any better. on the takeaway i have been told to roll my fore arms and reverse on the down swing i now shank my irons so, i drive the fairways the use my fairway woods to the green. i now know that rolling is not the way. Thanks. im enjoying your video's keep them coming.

  6. just discovered you..and your channel..really enjoy it…im a new golfer at age 38..ive been given some off set irons…your opinion please sir

  7. Good video – and also would appreciate a session on long irons off the deck – like a 3 or 4 iron into the green.  Thank you

  8. just started playing golf last year do u have a video on to set up placements on irons I'm struggling in that area

  9. This is tricky. No matter what I do, I have great inconsistency with grip and club face. If I swing for a longer shot, inconsistency is far worse. Even relaxed wrists makes no difference. My form emulates the pros, but no matter what, I am unable to achieve a consistent result in direction.

  10. Adam you are a genius! You've explained more things to me in one week of watching these free YouTube videos than I could ever imagine. My short game and irons thank you!

  11. I can't thank you enough for your advise about de-lofting the club before impact. Ever since I started doing this, my iron shots have been long and straight. Thank you Adam.

  12. Adam you have give me great knowledge , you have explained it well,. I have practiced this lesson and now I'm hitting the ball straighter than I have ever hit before. I still need to improve, but I'm on the right track thanks to you . Thankyou

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