How to Hit a Fastball : How to Shift your Weight to Hit a Baseball

Hi, my name is Juan Carlos with Expert Village.
Today I’m going to show you how to hit a fastball. In this segment we’re going to describe weight
position when expecting a fastball. It’s very important that your feet are just far apart
in order that you don’t loose power. If you’re too far apart, you will cause yourself to
move forward your weight will shift forward and then it will cause you to loose power
in your swing. So as the fastball is coming and your hands are up and as you take your
step, what’s very important is that your back foot turns at a 45 degree angle. It does not
pick and you do not want to be on your toes. This will cause you weight shift to go forward
as you will hit the ball straight back to the pitcher with no hip rotation what so ever.
We call this term squashing the bug, definitely want to do when you take this turn you want
to squash the bug, our weight on the back leg and the rotation on the hips are effective
and just that hard as we take that arms and go through the zone.

35 thoughts on “How to Hit a Fastball : How to Shift your Weight to Hit a Baseball

  1. squishing the bug is crap, look at all the good hitters, pujols/ramirez/rodriguez/ortiz they all 'stand' on the toe or even have it up in the air a bit at contact, extreme example is Frank Thomas.

  2. you dont want to squish the bug, squishing the bug leaves way too much weight on your back foot and it prevents a good low "L" being made with your back leg ("L" shows weight transfer). if you look at all good mlb hitters at the point of contact, theyre all either on their toe or even off the ground a little bit. thats because all of their weight has been transfered to their front foot just before they hit the ball. thats leverage, what gives any hitter good power

  3. Dont do this, my new coach has won states and coached david wright, the upton bros and ryan zimmerman and he says to load into the ground, ur back knee should be the 1st thing moving to the ball & ur hands should follow staying in line with ur back leg… i think he knows what hes doing he sent a player to clemson last yr who could have went str8 to the braves AAA lok him up hes will lamb LHP and OF. im not bull shitting you the coach im talking about is the one and only Rusty Ingram, google him

  4. shane eams is the shit. former scout for the chicago white sox and florida marlins. and a hell of a baseball coach

  5. Video should be how to get into a baseball game using a softball bat so you can try and hit a fastball….. lol!

  6. yea all coaches are retards. they always teach this squish the bug shit. my friend is a beast always tearing the cover off the ball. and they want him to squish the bug. they are going to scrw up his swing

  7. squishing the bug is only good if you want to drive the ball to lf if ur a righty and rf if ur a lefty, personally i do it sometimes

  8. Wow, you do not know what your talking about. You can keep your feet as far apart as you want (without acting like a dumbass) what matters is your stride, keeping your weight back and as your rotating, SQUISHING THE BUG IS NOT WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. Look at possibly the best hitter in baseball today, Albert Pujols, he in no way squishes the bug, he puts so much power into his swing that his back foot actually comes off the ground. Figure your stuff out before preaching it.

  9. this is wat u need to do fucking jose or watever the fuvk ur name is go look at a mlb swing and see if they did any of the shit u just said and if they do show me a video

  10. Alright legs apart. Look at Pujols. Then edit that part of video. Next squish the bug? That's old! End up on the toe. On the weight transfer, when you are about to make contact, take a positive motion twoards the ball, so you're not caught on you back foot. Don't get it wrong, stay back, but transfer and get on your toe. Any questions just ask.

  11. @Yaminashi1 NOOO do not shift onto your toe you will end up on the ball of your foot as your weight naturally shifts to the backside again after hitting against a strong stiff front leg so as a result of that push towarsd the front leg the back toe will be up in the middle of the swing but that is merely a product of a good swing not a reason why the swing was good focus on other parts that make a good swing and this will happen naturally.

  12. @Yaminashi1 cont If you teacha kid to raise up on the toe he will not hit against a stiff front leg and will be on their front foot and lose al power from the lower half.

  13. @cfl990 well here on a link on the right it says how to hit a baseball by team5systems then come back. trust me. You wat a positive movement twoards the ball. Look at the best hitters in the game and tell me most of them dont end up on the toe. look at laflippen's videos. then talk to me

  14. @Yaminashi1 I understand that you fuck head why ont you read my comment clsoely or are you not intelligent enough to comprehend it the movement will be forward towards the ball and will be on the toe but as you follow through after hitting the ball weight will fall back on the hind leg due to hitting on a stiff front leg i have seen all the pros and they do not finish on their toe the fall back on the follow through ending on the ball which is why people originally thought it was squishingthebug

  15. This guy is an idiot…he said nothing about keeping your head down, weight transfer, low or nearly zero stride, keeping the hips closed and hands back…i could go on…what a douche bag!!! Horrible coaching!!!

  16. There are only about a jillion pictures of major league ball players finishing with their back heel up, i.e. on their toe. This sqash the bug sit-an-spin is okay for teaching tee-ballers hip rotation but it's one more thing they have to unlearn when they get into competitive ball. Also, STANCE DOESN'T MATTER. As long as you are balanced when you "load". I guess there is no way Bagwell could hit!

  17. a good example on why dads should educate themselves before they turn their kid over to some ;instructor..see what TED williams says about "weight shift"

  18. Hey everyone. Instead of watching this, you should go watch the Expert videos for Domingo Ayala. He has all sorts of great videos and how to be a pro and not semi-pro. Hey he won't tell you how to hit a baseball, he'll teach you how to hit a homerun. If you're lucky he might shouw you his god given talents.

  19. Aren't you supposed to lean forward to shift your weight? I was taught to pivot my back foot to put weight on my back leg. (im a high school softball player)

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