How to glue a rubber? Table tennis college – SANWEI

Add glue to the sponge applicator
Apply the glue to the sponge side of the rubber Apply smoothly and evenly in one direction
Work quickly to avoid lumping Apply the glue to the blade the same way
Work quickly to avoid lumping When the glue dries it becomes transparent
It is now ready to install on the blade Hold the rubber with two hands
Place your thumbs on the middle of rubber Carefully line up the bottom edge of the rubber with the top line of the handle
Be sure to center the logo over the top line of the handle as well Use your thumbs to gently press the rubber from the center to the edges Use the rolling bar to finish applying the rubber
Start at the handle and roll up towards the top of the blade Press the edges with the rolling bar to make sure they adhere well Cut the rubber along the edge of the blade Try to cut the rubber in one cut for a better looking edge Cutting with a knife may result in an even smoother looking edge Remove the film from the rubber sheet starting at the edge To protect your new rubber the use of SANWEI A+ protection film is highly recommended Peel the thin film from the edge of the protection film to show the micro-crystal layer Apply the micro-crystal layered side to the rubber sheet Cut the protection film along the edge of the blade Cleaning and Maintenance Your rubber will get dirty each time you play SANWEI Cleaner and SANWEI Nano-Cleaner Sponge are highly recommended Shake the bottle and then spray the cleaner on the rubber and the cleaning sponge Clean the rubber thoroughly Apply the protection film after the rubber dries To replace the rubber, carefully peel the rubber from the blade Start at the bottom edge and use your thumb to peel back the rubber a little bit at a time Remove the rubber from the bottom to the top SLOWLY and CAREFULLY You will find organic glue is more protective for both the rubber and the blade Now you are ready to remove the glue from the rubber Remove the glue from sponge SLOWLY and carefully Peel in one direction and be sure to keep tension on the glue layer SANWEI glue is easy to apply and easy to remove Clean the rubber with the Nano-Cleaner sponge and then apply the protection film Store the rubber sheets so the sides with the protection film face each other

5 thoughts on “How to glue a rubber? Table tennis college – SANWEI

  1. Hello,
    I have an issue where the red rubber is coming away from the yellow sponge.
    would taking the red up and applying glue to the yellow work?
    or would I need to buy a whole new red rubber and yellow sponge?
    any help would be much appreciated

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