– Hello, Adam Bazalgette here, founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Today’s subject golf swing plane drills. (exciting electronic music) So golf swing plane drills,
hey very important subject, and I’m going to show you two major keys that you want to do and a couple of big pitfalls that really trip people up on getting a good, clean,
consistent swing plane. If you like the video, please subscribe to the YouTube channel. is my home website, full courses in every
aspect of the game there. So the first key to a good swing plane, it’s just crucial, is the takeaway. Or as David Leadbetter likes to call it, the moveaway, and believe me, unless you keep the club in front of you, you are going to struggle, I promise you. Let’s have a look at some
great players very briefly and I’ll show you how to do this. So let’s look at a few. If I say that yellow line
is in front of Adam Scott we’re going to say that his club is more in line with his right arm. It’s not cocked back
against his right arm. Let’s have a look at,
how about Justin Rhodes. Same sort of an idea. Again that club is over
here in front of his hands. Just quickly a couple more. Brooks Koepka there. And I could go on and on with these, you probably want me to leave it at that. That’s the general idea. Of course Jack Nicklaus,
my personal boyhood idol, 18th hole at Augusta in the great 1986, same kind of a look. So that’s what you want to be doing as you take the club away. Hey listen, there’s
been a few great players that whip the club inside, Nancy Lopez for sure, Ray
Floyd, and one or two others, it’s rare, I would not recommend it. Now, why do people do this so much? I think it’s because they take
the club away from the ball, they move the club head back. That’s not what you should be doing. You should be beginning
to engage your pivot, we’ve got other videos on that, but beginning to store energy. All you’re really trying
to do with the club is just hold it, keep it in front of you, and here’s the key,
keep it target oriented. Now what do I mean by that? This beanbag out here, this impact bag, you can use whatever you wanted, the door in your room or something, ask yourself this. If there was no ball, and you
had to look at the target, just take the club back a couple of feet so that you could throw it and hit it, you would never take that
club behind you like that if you were trying to
throw in that direction. So you’re not trying to
learn to do something here that’s sort of some forced move. This is a target oriented move. So the key again, engage your body, just hold on to the club and
have a sense of the target as you begin the swing back. A little drill you might try, let’s get a ball on a tee. Split handed slightly, so left hand’s normal, right
hand’s bottom of the handle, you will feel very
suddenly, if you do that, and just hit a few little
chips where you move, you have a sense of your target, and just chip a few
balls in that direction, get the feel for it. Well, if pitfall number
one is taking the club away and taking it to the inside, let me give you another pitfall. And I hate to say it, I’ve fallen into this one enough times in my earlier golf life, and it didn’t do me any good. And that is the pitfall of thinking, okay, I’ve got to do one thing to here, now once I get to here, whatever that thing is when
you’re working on your swing, but once I get to here, now
I’m going to try to do that, like you’ve got two different tracks. I see people all the
time trying to do that. It never works. If you want to get a king size headache and not hit the ball well, you know I’m just joking, but do that. If you’re going down that
track, just don’t do it, it should never feel like that. Let me show you a couple of great players and you’ll see what I mean. So there’s Tiger Woods hitting
a drive years ago there. Hands in that circle, there’s
the club in front of him. Now watch where he gets to
at the end of the backswing, his hands are right about in that circle, and you’ll notice there
is no change of direction. He goes from A right into
spot B there as he does it. Now have a look at say, Rory McIlroy, there’s his two spots. That’s on his right hand and as he goes to the top of the backswing right in that spot. So it’s, there’s the club in front of him bam! Now as you look at the
top of his backswing, this is a pretty standard look. Let’s get him right at the top there. And that is to say, if you look at his shoulder plane, his left arm is almost
across his shoulders there. Or if you like his right
shoulder is hidden from view by his left arm. Now you don’t have to be precisely there, but that is a benchmark. You want to be something
like that at the top. So you’ve got to find your spot. You’ve got to map it out a little bit. Listen, if you’re thicker and
stronger with shorter arms, it’s going to be a little bit shorter and more in front of you. If you’re the other end of
the spectrum, tall and lanky, your hands will maybe
be a little bit higher, or your arm swing will
be longer, or something. Find what works for you, find that spot. It’s going to be approximately
where you saw those pros. Get used to it. Now I haven’t played that much golf for the last five to ten years, honestly. But I’ve played a lot in
my life, and I have made tens of thousands of times have
I stood in front of a mirror or just stood without a mirror
and just hit those two marks that takeaway and that. Now I can certainly make bad swings but it’s more self interference than it is unfamiliarity
with where I’m going. I’ve mapped it out a little bit, and you’ve got to do the same. So, when I get over the ball, I can feel my takeaway, I’ve done this enough times, I have a pretty good
sense of where I’m going. And I can pretty much find my spot and yeah, give or take it
a good shot or a bad shot. Here’s a tip though, here’s a little piece of glue that’ll help hold this together, and you have to customize it. Generally speaking, if you can keep a little bit
of pressure between your arms, that is to say, don’t
let them spread apart throughout the backswing you are much more likely to
have success, I promise you. Now I’m not saying squeeze
them against your chest either, they’re away from your body a little bit, but if this space between
your arms widens at the top, and believe me it does for most people, your club is going to move all around. Your structure, the width of your backswing
is going to change. You are not likely to have a
very repeatable, sound swing. So as you work these things in, you work your takeaway and
the top of your backswing, notice that you can keep
the space between your arms reasonably the same as it was at address, that’s going to require
a little bit of pressure. Again you got to play around with it to find the tension level you need. You’re not trying to be, you
know, Tin Man and be rigid, but you need some structure there. You mix that into it, you’re going to have some
success, I promise you. So I hope that helps you
with golf swing plane drills. Some things to work on there. I know they’ll work for you. is my home website have full courses in every
aspect of the game there, or subscribe to the YouTube channel lots of free content Thank you


  1. Great to see you post more regularly again. Missed your content in my YouTube feed. On a different note. Looks like you've lost weight. You're eating enough?

  2. Great info adam, thanks. Could you tell me please, should we apply this to all clubs such as driver through to 8 or 9 iron? Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Rob.

  3. Have to say you are by far the best instructor on the net! And I've watched them all. Love your stuff. Thank you and stay blessed

  4. Thanks for the video. This is something I tend to overlook, so I will practice your advice next time on the range.

  5. pollen is so heavy here on hilton head island its keeping me from golfing. hope you feel bettter soon adam.

  6. Have started to pull inside and it's making me shank, thanks for advice I'll try to watch that space in my arms, my takeaway is ok but I definitely lose it on the transition

  7. I was watching a YouTube video of DJ driving it. Even though he looks like he’s flailing his arms, it looks like he tries to keep the arms tucked close to his body. I tried to do the same and found better consistency. Thanks.

  8. Hi Adam great to see another vlog from you is it possible to do a vlog on tension in the back or no tension as in the bottom of are backs with curve or to much curve ( do some players need to stick there bums out a bit more or lift there chests up or not.) its come about trying to keep to still over the ball for year and cost me power many thanks

  9. Anothet constructive and informative video, Adam. I'm a perfectionist and have great overall athletic ability, but I struggle with my swing plane regularly. When I slow down and aim for the "impact bag" boy does that ball fly! Thanks, again.

  10. Thank you for mentioning…Different types of body mass requires a golf to figure out what works for him, but keep the fundamentals is very important…I took a lesson from Chad at PGA in Mertle Beach..He liked my swing, even tho I was having trouble, with distance and stright…He had me before takeaway ..Make sure I had space between my left arm and right arm, where he put a club shaft stright threw….What a difference…Just simple things, we forget sometimes, can make a huge difference……Leland

  11. Great video as always Adam. I been working on a one piece takeaway. I've noticed it really makes my sequence and timing really good. When my shoulders stop moving my arms stop moving.Can you do a video on that? I would love to hear your thoughts.

  12. Hi Adam great video, i really struggle with taking the club inside and flat, ive been trying for ages to stop doing it hopefully i can sort this out now. Thanks

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