How to field slow rollers for YOUTH baseball players

How to field slow rollers in youth baseball. Coming up next. If you watch enough baseball videos clips
you’re bound to see this move by great players on slow rollers. It’s a very difficult move and it’s one
youth players should avoid. I don’t want to leave the impression that
players shouldn’t know how to do this because it is something that might be required, just
avoid it whenever possible. You’ll see why in a sec. I never liked seeing kids field and throw
like this in practice or tryouts, but others say it’s a move that impresses scouts and
college coaches. I can’t speak to that, so maybe don’t
take my word for it. But we’re not talking about High School
varsity players here. We’re talking about youth players. A quick point to make before we start. I don’t like to show youth players doing
something wrong…so before we begin, the player in the clips is a great baseball player
who is the shortstop on a team in the West Regional championship game. You don’t get that far with poor players. Here is the first clip: You see he fields the ball straight at it
and then throws off his right foot moving away from the throw. Our second clip happens in the 3rd inning. After this clip the coach comes
to the mound. The third clip again in the 3rd inning. So the player didn’t listen and still fielded
and threw off his right foot. Finally in the 5th inning we see the following
player field and throw. It’s a different short stop as the original
shortstop is pitching. While it’s not a slow roller, we do see
him set his back foot and make a good accurate throw. Finally the last inning and our original short
stop is back and fields for the last time. This again wasn’t a slow roller, but I did
want to finish on a positive note. He initially wanted to go to 2nd for the last
out, but made a good judgement that 1st would be a more likely out and makes a great throw. Finally, the following game we see the correct way to field a slow roller. You’ll notice he comes around the ball and
fields it so he’s in the direction of the throw, sets his feet, and gets an out. This is how you want to field any time you
can. Getting fancy and you not only don’t get
the out, the runner often ends up on 2nd. To teach this, we will set up cones that require
the fielder to run around the cone before fielding. It’s a very common infield drill and you
should be doing it for any players even moderately advanced in the game.

6 thoughts on “How to field slow rollers for YOUTH baseball players

  1. I totally disagree with the commentator on this one the original Short Stop didn't have time to set and throw he may have actually beat the runner the first baseman could have actually stretched further to get ball or scooped it. The original shortstop made very solid attempt on his second play as well. Thanks for interesting video though I enjoyed. I would like to hear from other SS's as well who played the position for years like I did.

  2. Youth player didn't set and threw across his body = no accuracy or power. Props to the coach for that–plays on the run should be a last resort.

  3. There's no harm in practicing this fielding technique enough to have it in your arsenal (better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it). The problem is if the player then falls in love with this emergency-type throw.

    That seems to be the case in this small sampling of this SS. I had no problem with this attempt on clip #2, but that's s the only one of the three.

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