How to Enter the Flow State while Playing Soccer / Football?

(Music – Keymonkey) – Hi, I’m Wilson Melencelli. Today I’m gonna share with
you how to hack the full state while playing soccer, or as
I like to call it, football. So, this is relation to somebody asking me to do a video all about soccer, when they watched the video about how to hack the
full state while running. So I’m gonna give you the same foundation and the running one was
all about the breathing. Now you have three types of breath to keep you into the full state. So you have breathing when you’re only breathing in through your nose. Then you have nose-mouth
then you have mouth-mouth. Your job is to maintain
breathing only through the nose throughout the whole workout, we’re gonna do your whole football game. Now I know it’s very challenging but that’s part of the whole point. So, flow when you’re
breathing is then a coherence between your autonomic nervous system, which is your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. When you’re breathing in, sympathetic. When you’re breathing
out, parasympathetic. When you have control over your breath you have the ability to
tune yourself and to flow while you’re performing the task. Now, what I’m gonna do with you today is I’m gonna show you two
drills that my Coach Croft, a friend of mine, had
shown us how to do it. I’ve not have not played
football since I was a kid so excuse the lack of skill. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna do two drills. First drill is very basic,
it’s just passing and moving. Then we’re gonna add a
drill in where we’re using a rotation and spinning. The reason for doing that is
because it’s a fantastic way of triggering flow. You have the proprioception,
vestibular and kinesthesia. All these are working
on your body’s awareness of where it is in space. It’s position in space and it’s spatial orientation and balance. So those are fantastic triggers to keep you in the flow state. Now, incorporating that
and adding in the breathing then you’re really gonna have a fantastic flow-triggering soccer workout. So you have the three breaths. First breath is only
breathing in through the nose and that’s what we really
wanting to train here. There’s also a whole lot of information about how beneficial that is for increasing the
oxygenation in your blood and I’ll put a link on below this video so you can have a look at the page which discusses how to breathe and flow. But what we’re gonna do to make sure we force that state upon you is to tape yourself up. So, in all the flow drills that you’re going to be doing in soccer you’re gonna… (tape muffling words) This is zinc oxide tape, non-toxic. It’s designed to make sure that you’re forced to breath in and out only through your nose. So when you perform these drills… (tape muffling words) It’s a wee bit sweaty
because it’s hot here. So this is how you’re going
to do your full drills. So, just to recap to get
yourself into the flow state when you’re playing football the real strength that you have, the real control mechanism,
is using your breath. Using nasal breathing. Nasal breathing promotes the release of nitric oxide into your system. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, opens up the blood vessels,
increases the flow of oxygen, oxygenates your blood. Which is perfect when you’re
playing soccer or football, as I like to call it. And also when you’re breathing in and out, sympathetic nervous system,
parasympathetic nervous system, you have a coherence there. You have the ability to control
yourself to maintain flow. So you have the drills that
are triggering into flow and you have your control
mechanism to keep you in flow. Now as you get faster and
faster with the drills, you’ll notice that it
will be harder and harder to keep the tape on. I’d like you to keep the
tape on as much as you can. Then when you start really getting closer and closer to the game day or you’re actually playing the game you’ll notice you can’t wear tape. Or it would look kinda weird, if you’ve got your mouth
taped up when you’re playing. But you’ll instinctively
draw your attention to breathing in and out
through your nose more. When you start breathing nose-mouth that’s an indication that
you’ve just pushed yourself. You’re pushing yourself
right to the limits. When it’s mouth-mouth
you’ve pushed yourself a little bit too far and you have less
control over your ability to maintain a presence awareness and flow. So flow is your state
of optimal performance. When you’re in flow
you’re playing your sport, in this case soccer,
at the optimal ability. Time slows down, time speeds up you have that distortion of it all. You don’t become, you’re not
a player, you are the team. Everybody around you merges into one. So this is really the optimal
state for you to be in when you’re playing soccer, or
as I could call it football. So enough of that. I will just get you on to
playing the game suggested. ((Music – Keymonkey) That was how to hack yourself into the flow state while playing soccer. The influence was on the breathing and also the drills to trigger yourself into flow during this game. So I hope you enjoyed this. If you have any questions
please leave a comment below or send me an email directly and I’ll get straight back to you. Ciao. ((Music – Keymonkey)

2 thoughts on “How to Enter the Flow State while Playing Soccer / Football?

  1. Of course you cant use tape in mathces.but the whole message is to try to breathe with nose but dont let it ruin your focus in situations you need so much focus…
    The game Football itself is about Flow but in official matches its kinda harder to be in that state

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