How to Electronically Simulate the Sound of a “Cricket” (The Insect)

The finished project complete with legs soldered to the circuit board The circuit simulation/schematic showing how the three 555 timers are connected together The PCB layout used for my “Cricket” The sound can be tweaked by adjusting the pre-set resistors on the circuit board

5 thoughts on “How to Electronically Simulate the Sound of a “Cricket” (The Insect)

  1. Have you tried attaching a link from the output of the middle freq. osc. to the RC of the high freq osc.?
    Through a cap. mebbe? Might be able to get a more realistic "chirp" as it adds a slight freq. change upon each 'sub chirp'. Hope the above makes sense… 😉
    You'd not have to mod anything; just tack the cap. in underside…

  2. It kinda sounds like a snowy tree cricket in cold weather. but if it had a continuous call. it would be more like the pine tree crickets

  3. I couldn't see the diagram very well. I would like to make one. Do you have a clear circuit diagram available?

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