How To Easily Animate Bats or Birds in After Effects

hey what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m
Ignace Aleya and today it’s another Tip Trick Tuesday Tuesday and today’s tip trick Tuesday
I’ll be showing you a simple tip on how to animate characters inside of Adobe
After Effects I’ve already been making some Victoria
‘ls on this kind of technique but I find it’s so much fun and it’s actually a
part of a bigger tutorial that I’m still working on and it’s kind of Halloween
related that’s why I talk of redoing this tutorial because I find it’s so
much fun you can do so many things with it and yeah basically in this tutorial
we’re going to be animating a flying bat and when you want to try and animate
something try to look up how the movement actually works try to actually
imitate that movement like if you would be flying you would go up if you push
down you go low so the body actually moves you you find that the wings kind
of roll off so yeah you would be looking funny if you would do this in an office
but actual animation companies also do that before they go for a walk cycle
they would actually try and do that walk cycle so it’s really important that you
look up how the actual movement goes and try to imitate it yourself so without
further ado let’s jump into Adobe After Effects and see how we’re gonna animate
this alright so here we are in Dobby off your effects and as you can see I have
this image here of a bat and it’s a frontal image and we just want to
animate it flying so if you have an image of a bird or any of these kinds
it’s actually super easy to animate them if you’re going to use them in like long
distance shots so of course you don’t want any kind of close-ups of this bat
and did this bat doesn’t look realistic enough for that but oftentimes you see
in a shot like birds flying in the sky bats flying at night and you kind of can
fake all these animations simply and after effects with a simple tool without
being an actual animator so first of all once you want to animate something
really think of how that animation is going to look like I said in the intro
and we are going to drag this into a new composition here at first so what I’ll
do is click on my layer and then right over here you see this option for the
puppet tool in the puppet pen tool if we click on that we can actually click on
our image right here to make kind of joints
so we want a joint over here maybe over here and here actually also here and
then we want maybe a few joints over here on the on the bed itself just to
make sure it’s not really animating over here then another one here here and then
again over here at the end okay so now we have made some joints for our bat and
instantly if we’re going to press you on the keyboard you’re going to see that we
have a bunch of keyframes right here for all these joints so let’s move ten
frames forward so hold shift and press the page down key now we can animate it
so well before we start animating actually we’re going to set this like
it’s a slap down like the way the bat is kind of trying to go upwards so how
we’ll do that is actually click on this one and this one first I’m going to drag
this down and then also bring this one down okay there we go
I really think of these dots like real actual joints so we can actually move
these there we go looks pretty good in my opinion maybe a little bit closer to
the body so we can do something like that and the body actually we want to
move it up so we’re going to click on one of these joints hold shift and
select the other ones and then move this up there we go maybe also play a little
bit with these joints so everything looks kind of right okay there we go so
now we have a nice flap upwards and now we’re going to move forward so hold
shift and press page down and in this case we want to make this go again we’re
going to like all of these holding shift and now we want to bring this down and
this up kind of try to make it somewhat right as
you can see it’s not perfect but um gets job done pretty pretty well in my
opinion okay we can drag this out a little bit more and there we go so now
we have this animation and already it looks kind of good so what we’re going
to do is now select all our first keyframes and copy these and then go to
the second keyframes again go ten frames forward and then paste these keyframes
so now we have a kind of loop then go one frame backwards with a page up key
and then we’re going to press n on the keyboard and let’s preview this okay so
basically that’s that’s already very nice and what you can do is and go over
here again and maybe and I made it a little bit better to go a little bit
higher maybe it’s uh like you want and another thing I want to do is select all
of these keyframes and hold alt and drag them in and that’s going to speed up the
process and right over here and then go one frame forward always go one frame
from the end and press n because that way you don’t have any double keyframes
for example if I would make this one frame longer this would have the exact
same value as this one but if we make it one frame shorter it’s going to stop at
one frame before the exact value of the beginning and that’s going to make that
a seamless perfect loop and there we have it so that looks pretty nice and if
we’re going to enable motion blur here for this layer actually the layer and
then motion blur for the composition we’re going to see that now we have some
motion blur in the wings and look how cool that already looks so okay so this
is getting there in my opinion maybe we want to make it I go down a little bit
more as the body itself so we can go again here and bring it a little bit
more down so we have a little bit more of a harsh animation and maybe over here
we want to make it go up a little bit better and just make sure that you
select all these keyframes and go at the end here and paste them
over here okay so let’s see yes okay there we have it super nice we have our
animations if we’re going to go to effects curves and like bring this down
a little bit make it dark and let’s bring in the sky just quickly and if
we’re going to click on the bat we can go for layer pre-compose and move all
the attributes in here if we go into that layer you’ll see here we have this
entire range of our animation we want to right click on that and trim the comp to
work area and now if we go back to our first composition and we can go and
right-click and go for time and enable time remapping and I’ll hold alt and
click on the stopwatch for the time remapping and go into this arrow here
and simply go to property and loop out and like right here loop out and if you
select that it’s going to make a loop as long as your timeline lists and there we
have a loop of our bat and we can now simply just make it smaller put it over
here and then kind of keyframe the position to move off screen and maybe
also go and animate the scale duplicate this one move it over and maybe also go
for an offset here and now we have like a few of these and it’s completely up to
you what you’re going to do with them so maybe bring this down like this and of course if you have a particle
generator like particular you can and just drop this in as a texture and use
it that way but that’s going to be for a different tutorial but see how cool that
already looks just using it that way alright so that’s it for this tutorial I
hope you enjoyed it if you did give this video a like also be sure to subscribe
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and apart from that I hope to see you guys in the next one goodbye

42 thoughts on “How To Easily Animate Bats or Birds in After Effects

  1. Awesome tutorial! I remember that you showed a similar thing with the Puppet Pin Tool before. It looks very realistic if you are far away from the subject!

  2. Hey that's awesome bro! Thank you! Please keep sharing your knowledge as we can only rely on online tutorials and we don't have motion schools in our country. Thanks again bro! May God bless you!

  3. Thumbnail shows Batman we see puppet warp animation. I thought this was going to be Batman style bat crowd animation.

  4. As a professional I think you shouldn't be misleading with your tutorials. Your thumbnail is not related and you have to scrub all the way to the end to see how this is a very basic beginner tutorial this is.

  5. The wiggle expression would work a lot easier than keyframing position alone. But this is a great tutorial bro! Keep up the wonderful work!

  6. Did you people REALLY think you were going to be taught how to animate the thumbnail in less than 10 minutes? You could animate the thumbnail if you took this tip and did some thinking on your own but I know you all need your hands held these days. I will even give you a free tip. Particle World.

  7. Hi this is looking very good but tell me pls when i copy the first keysfram ineed to copy the second as well and after that do the paste ? Or do i have to do paste after i copied the first keysfrem?And if so how can i copy both the first and the second at the same time? Thanks

  8. hi y=Tutorial is super cool

    btw I am not getting the Bat png image like this can you provide link please

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