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  1. backhand smash is more beautiful in my opinion because of the relative difficulty…….forehand looks badass as well if you smash it like Tennis…..

  2. @kvedward Depends on what your definition of wrong techniques is. In table tennis, you can smash the ball the way you like, but if you do it in a way that waste energy and opens up your weak areas if your opponent manages to get the ball, then I would consider that a wrong technique.

  3. You should do a bit of research before commenting. In true table tennis circles, Tahl is well known and is an excellent professional player. Do a little reading on him and you'll be amazed at what you find.

  4. yes there is bad teqniques if youre not using your wrist at all then you are not going to get the full power

  5. let me correct you… trying to smash the ball while riding a donkey blind folded and cramming a table tennis paddle up your bum is definitely considered a WRONG technique… lol just sayin ha

  6. Dude, really? There is no wrong way…there is orthodox and unorthodox, being the latter doesn't make something wrong. Are you going to criticize Ma Lin, Wang Hao, Xu Xin, Ryu Seung Min, etc. because they don't play Shakehand? I'll leave you with this: 'Variation is the spice of life.'

  7. so his moves are based on the fact that he is paraolympic player . his moves are made especially for him and he developed them for him self . his technique is bad for a new player , plus he doesnt have the ability to explain it !

  8. whenever i play i mostly use my backhand for everything, while my forehand is my "o crap button" and it only returns the ball 50% of the time. is this alright? is it allowed?

  9. dude he medaled in the paralympic games in athens, and is now competing in class 9 in the paralympics. His movements arent good because of his disability.

  10. I've been taught differently for a backhand smash. It is not just a quick execution of the usual backhand counter or backhand topspin. It is either
    a) a topsin stroke with the bat so closed at the backhand that it almost travels horizontally and brushes the ball downward (because you hit it high) OR
    b) a very flat stroke that starts from the head and "flaps" downward by increasing the elbow angle with a little wrist flapping added.

    No doubt you beat me easily but still I doubt your advice.

  11. mmhhh…really? Or maybe there is a reason why top players all have a very similar technique? If you play with your friends it probably won't make a big difference, but if you are a professional player, having a *correct* technique is fundamental. This guy doesn't even hold the paddle correctly!

  12. I don't recommended anyone learning from this guy. His form is very poor this negates future potential of players. I had a few students, I had to re-teach form due to people who consider "professional players" coaching wrong techniques and strokes.

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