How to Do a Table Tennis Backhand Push | Ping Pong

My name is Tahl Leibovitz and I’m here at
SPiN, New York. I am a professional table tennis player who
has been competing internationally since 1995. I am here today to speak to you about the
intermediate and beginner aspects of the Olympic sport of table tennis The backhand push is
extremely important in table tennis; you can win a lot of points pushing with your backhand. What we do at the higher levels is we try
to use a quick backhand push so that we can cause the opponent to return a sort of passive
ball, we can try to counter that ball. Now we have a few different types of backhand
pushes but what I’m going to demonstrate is one where we sort of pass through the ball
really quickly, because we want to get a lot of spin on the ball – like that. So that’s really where it’s spinning. The other one is where we just touch the ball
because we have no spin, where we just sort of touch it. That’s a little high but this one’s low. And the other one is where we just put light
spin. What’s really effective is to be able to push
the ball quickly and into your opponents backhand because then you’ll get a weak ball. So when we use the backhand push we just need
to be able to sort of move our hand, again passing through the ball. We have to pass through the ball. You see that? The ball’s coming; it’s called accelerate
racquet speed‚ it’s mainly used on forehand loops and different things, but we use it
for chop also. We pass through the ball quickly, when we
get to the ball. So it’s sort of really quick. OK? So that’s the most important point of getting
an effective backhand push is to stay low, keep your racquet low, and pass through the
ball quickly, even when you do no-spin. OK, so that’s the backhand push.

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