How to Do a Jump Float Serve | Volleyball Lessons

The float serve in beach volleyball is pretty
common. You can add some power behind your float serve
by doing a jump float serve. What that is is it’s a mini-approach. It’s not a full approach like the jump serve,
which uses top spin. You toss the ball in front of you and you
take a small approach and a hop and then you do the float serve contact. With a jump float serve, unlike the jump serve,
you usually use two hands to toss the ball up. When you contact the ball for the jump float
serve, it’s a firm hand, wide open, firm wrist. You want to create a pop on the ball. And that creates that float motion. When you add the jump to the float serve,
it just makes it that much harder to pass. I prefer the jump serve to the jump float. The jump serve has a higher toss and allows
me to come in, take a bigger approach and hit the ball harder. But many people have found the jump float
serve to be effective as well. And that’s how you jump float serve in beach

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