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Okay you ask backhand, you want to try to attack. You said you only know push and block. Maybe you have good control already. So if you already have good control this is easy to add more power. So first thing I want to talk about topspin You already know the block. Here control and your racket no
problem, right? So once you feel good you want to add more power how can you do
it? So this part you won’t change anything. Just stretch your arm forward. The ball is going to be faster. Okay, let me… use multi ball. So now you going to block, right.
So don’t change anything here just stretch your arm a little bit forward. See just stretch forward. The ball going
to be faster, right, you can see that. This is block this is block I don’t want to change my stroke.
Just go forward forward stretch So going to be more power. If you feel good a little bit more and more. And bottom spin I think you
need to loop. So we… you can see other
people when they loop brush the ball and hit the ball.
On that part I don’t want to say something too much
about that part but I think you can loop already because you already have good block. That means
you do your backhand no problem. So the loop just move back then brush the ball. That’s it. Move back. Brush the ball. Don’t worry about your hit, how much you’re going to hit, how much
you’re going to brush. Just move back a little bit close down a little bit brush the ball. This is backhand loop. I’m going to show you easy… easy ones.
For example you standing like this. So move back here, then brush the ball. Okay, let’s go. You see that? Brush brush Brush bad brush. Okay, brush brush. See this is not very good power and not very good speed but it’s
already a good attack. Okay so topspin, stretch more.
Backspin remember, brush the ball. That’s it. When you brush, the
ball easy over the net. Very easy. I think no more. Okay thank you very much.

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  2. Especially for the backhand topspin against backspin that he demonstrates, just set the playback speed of the video at 0.25, otherwise you won't get the details of the stroke.

  3. nice video…but where are all the video's for left-hand players ???? allmost none… simple…and there is also no good trainer to explain this also. Before putting a video on you tube …. try to learn English properly…and I agree with comments that he is drunk

  4. when Iplay topspin my opponent blocks it after that I cant hit the ball accurate on to the table .Can you help me with this karthikeya from INDIA

  5. Thanks for this video, I have developed a strong forehand, but I realized a couple days ago that my backhand is quite under-developed, as I can only do blocks and basic strokes, I have grasped the idea of spinning the ball with precise angling of the bat, and with this nice tutorial, I can take my knowledge with my topspin on my forehand, and transfer that over to my backhand. Thanks!

  6. He forgot to say that it is Also very important to hit the ball at a special place at the racket to make better spin at the ball

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  8. thank you for the tricks this really helped me a lot i had already mastered the block but i didn't know how to counter. Really thank you man.


  10. I am shivam from India and my forehand topspin always goes off the table and I m trying this with 6+ months what to do to improve it

  11. Your video is so good that I can be easy to understand your statements. Besides, I suggest that you can draw some red lines to show us how to make the power and the directions. Thanks very much.

  12. I enjoyed the video. I'm getting back into the sport. It's easy to listen to the instructions but you have to practice, practice, practice. Just my thoughts

  13. it's amazing how much the different plastic balls have made these ideas (and even the technique) almost obsolete. Banana flick for the win.

  14. Terrible explanation. I think what he was trying to say was increase the length of stroke. A,B,C's A= where the bat starts, B= contact point and C= where the bat finishes. If you extend the length of stroke then you increase the ability to achieve bat speed. Bat speed is one ingredient to achieve the goal of more power

  15. U r training with balls that are coming very high from the net. Please show how u hit with power when ball is spin medium speed and net to net

  16. wrong teaching….it depends what sort player you are against … also your racket must have good top rubbers… when your table tennis racket rubber lost the grip brushing does not work……. .

  17. When you brush then hand goes all the way side ways and when you block with force then hand goes all the way forward with full stretch of arms…It's kind of hard push

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