How to defend in Japanese chess : shogi

hello I’m gonna try this Japanese chess app this is pawn and this is king the king is placed in the Center file two gold generals are placed next to the king and two silver generals next to each gold general and this is knight this is lance this is Rook and this is Bishop This is ginkan castle I want to use Rook and Bishop because too… Rook and Bishop has a important role in
japanese chess I get pawn and I get Bishop I put pawn here maybe he made mistakes if he gets pawn I put Bishop here
and I aim at opponent Rook and Knight and if I can get silver general and I want Rook to become Promoted Rook(“Dragon”) But I could not I aimed at Lancer and Rook he aim at silver general and king that was a check Oh escape I want togo to opponent area but it is difficult too difficult this Bishop aim at the King so I cannot get this knight Oh I can … I have two Bishops and Speedy’s take part yes Silver general can move this and this and three part so I escaped knight aimed at the king so I escape gold general can move this square except
for back Backward diagonally or he is very aggressive but maybe I can stand I also correcting at this point go free I want to save my gold general and silver general because I
want to use want to use in the aggressive way but I could not maybe the retreat yes I aim at silver general maybe I will win because my castle is strong my Rook maybe can move aggressivly and I have two Bishops and opponent Rook cannot move I got the silver general and gold general he wnts to move his Rook knight defends gold general but he
put the silver general so difficult I want to expel this Rook from this file because if this Rook escape from this file
I can use this night and I can eat this silver general so difficult i want to use gold gold general yes and it is weird This Rook can move
my area but… maybe I can check he wants to defend
but it is too late I think now I am thinking of how to check if I eat old this gold I can put Bishop Bishop but this place is better so ie where general this Miffy yes check thank you for watching

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  1. Thank you for making this video! There are not many people making Shogi videos in English in recent years.

    If you want to make more Shogi videos in the future, I have some suggestions for different words in English you can use:
    1) ginkan castle = 銀冠 = “silver crown”: Sometimes we say ginkanmuri or ginkan castle, but I hear “silver crown” more often.
    2) “my area” = 自陣?: You can instead say “my camp” and “opponent’s camp” instead of “area”. Maybe you can also say “territory”.
    3)“put” = 打ち? = “drop”: When deploying a piece to the board from your hand, we say that it is “dropped”. So instead of “put the bishop” you can say “drop the bishop”.
    4) “eat”: A better word is “capture” or “take” instead of “eat”. Using the word “eat” to mean “capture” is possible when speaking colloquially. However, it is an odd choice when trying to be serious.
    5) “gold general” / “silver general”: You can just say “gold” or “silver” in English. It is faster to say it this way!
    6) “maybe I can stand”: A better way to say this is “Maybe I can defend” or “Maybe I can survive”. If you want to use the word “stand” you can say “maybe I can stand up to his attack” or “maybe I can withstand his attack”
    7) “Japanese chess”: Mostly we say Shogi in English. I only say “Japanese chess” when talking to people that don’t know what Shogi is.
    8) ”Rook become dragon”: In English, we borrow the chess term “promote” and “promotion”. Instead of saying “I would like the rook to become a dragon” you can say “I would like to promote my rook to a dragon”.
    9) Bishop attacking silver and king at the same time. When a piece is attacking two pieces at the same time (両取り), we call that a “fork” in English. So when your bishop is attacking the king and promoted silver at the same time, you can call that a “bishop fork”.
    10) “escape”: Besides “escape”, you can also say that the piece “runs” or “runs away”.
    11) The word you say at 8:49, I cannot understand.
    12) “difficult”: You use the word “difficult” a lot. You can use some other words to add variety, such as “tough”, “hard”, “complicated”, and so on.

    Additional advice:
    1) I do not think you need to explain how the pieces move. HIDETCHI on YouTube already has a good “How To Play Shogi” series. You can instead say which joseki you are playing and what your strategy is. For example, “I am a static rook player. I am making a boat castle, which is fast to make. My opponent is defending with 4th file rook and making mino castle.”
    2) When talking about moves, you can use numbers to refer to the squares. For example, a move such as “7六歩” can be said “pawn seven-six” or “seven-six pawn”. However, this may be too complicated to remember while playing the game.
    3) Maybe you can do some analysis afterwards. You still win, but you missed a 1手詰め at 14:20 in the video. 6四金打!

    Overall, your English is impressive. It is difficult to play and commentate at the same time! アゲアゲ tried to make English videos but he struggled.

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