How to curve the ball in Football/Soccer and score great Goals – Football videos, Skills and tricks

Hello guys its Guido from Football Tricks Online Today i will be showing you how to curve the ball with the inside part of your foot Okey so we got to curve the ball with the inside of your foot Technique 1 : Fist we got to hit the ball side ways so it will spin and it will make the ball curve to the inside If you want the ball to have curve and a down effect at the same time you got to try to hit the ball with curve and slightly up Showing it with my foot, if you want curve we got to hit it like this… and if you want to add down effect you just got to hit it slightly up this way we get a bit of side curve and a bit of curve from top to bottom so the ball will come down faster as well basically your foot has to be next to the ball If you hit it with your instep is usually pretty close to the ball but when you add spin to it is usually a bit further back So when i usually curve the ball… i usually place my foot like this, as you see is a bit further back If you put it too far back you will strike the ball in a forced way and you are going to kick the ball up in the sky opposite to that, if you put your foot in front of the ball you wont be able to hit the ball correctly and you are going to hit half ball half ground and can injure yourself finally, keep in mind that your body has to be relaxed For example if i am about to do a free kick i am going to strike like this and your body does not have to be rigid in any way Because maybe you put your arms in a rigid way and your body that will only deform your body position and your kick that happens to most of the people so remember, always have your body relaxed when kicking I hope you enjoyed the tutorial try to apply it because this technique is basic for scoring great goals If you enjoyed hit the Like button, comment any doubts, subscribe… and see you next time !

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