How to correctly pitch a baseball – mechanics taught by Dominican baseball instructor

Let’s start with how to correctly grip the baseball as if you were throwing a fastball To start, the pitcher must have balance and control of his body The bulk of his body weight must be loaded on his right leg (left leg for left handed pitchers) When ready to pitch, I shift all of my weight on my right leg and then I pitch the baseball like this After I pitch the baseball, it is very important that I land in the correct fielding position facing the catcher; this allows me to protect myself and catch the baseball if hit towards me It is very dangerous to cross your legs while moving forward, as the baseball can hit you in your back And in the case of a bunt, if I land incorrectly, I am not able to quickly approach the bunt and quickly throw to the base That is why it is so important to land facing the catcher to get the bunts and for a better mechanical control watch your feet when you land, your foot should land and leave a foot print on this area of the pitching mound Your feet cannot fall towards the side, because when you pitch you won’t have enough stability and will fall over That is why it is very important to get your feet well positioned when pitching which ensures command of your pitches and proper landing very important… Let’s go! the best way to teach someone who has never pitched before how to pitch is to start with short movements this way you’ll learn the correct mechanics of how to pitch a baseball and arm motions your arm comes slowly, you stop there and then, you pitch and another time your wrist should not be tense your shoulders should not be tense neither, let them drop down I spread my arms wide, position my feet, and shift my weight on my planted foot and proceed to pitch the wrist movement is very important Very important to follow throw with your wrist The arm guides the pitch Remember to follow through with your wrist second, your body balance: let’s imagine there is a player on first base – Very important to hide the baseball from the hitter or he will guess the pitch This is why the baseball must be hidden Prepare the pitch The glove up high Shift the weight to your front leg to read the sign from the catcher Lock up the sign Shift your weight to the back leg Next, when there is a runner on second base I have to close all pitchers must close here Again, I repeat I am positioned like this I must have part of my bodyweight on my back foot while I take the signs from homeplate then, after I finish taking the signs from homeplate, I pause and I close here my body should be placed vertically, I cannot squat, I cannot bend back, or neither bend to the side I should always be looking towards the target I have to be focused, looking to the target to which I am going to pitch the way you hold the baseball is very important it is also important when you are about to pitch, to have stability and remain straight, so you don’t fall back or to the side you need to control your body, that’s why you have to be positioned correctly in your lower leg so when I lift my leg, I gain stability on my body automatically as I take control of my body, I need to focus down there, this way stability, place yourself the right way, okay when you finish, you can’t leave your foot back, inmediately after you throw the ball your foot must be position next to the other one, not behind it let’s do it again legs smooth control your body, put the glove towards, point take the sign take the glove out the landing place yourself there, look at your footprint now position this foot this is why it is so important to land correctly facing the catcher because otherwise if a baseball is hit towards the pitcher, you’ll get hit in the ribs and unable to catch the baseball you should always erase the print, each one works with his print your best friend is your print I erase my print, and then I know if my fall was correct or not this is an exercise you can make while you practice, so you can improve your arm movement how to do it? First, you need to find a teammate that will observe you while you practice the arm mechanics lift you leg as usual, stay there, look at me and you have to pick up the ball here here you are let’s do it again that forces the pitcher to not to take out his arm from above automatically, he needs to lower his arm down and do it all the way back to pitch take the homeplate signs lift it up take the baseball, and do it. Do not stop your arm comes back as you are taking the ball, you should make the movement at once you should not stop your arm. One more pick the baseball and do it at one time pick the ball ok the correct way to land is the next one you should always make sure to erase your footprint on the mound after throwing every pitch because every pitcher lands in a different way some pitchers land further others land wider some pitchers also land very closed Remember to erase your footprint after every pitch because that is how you notice if you are doing it correctly step number one you must have stability and a nice footwork step number two When you lift your leg up like this your lower back should be pointing to the ground that forces me, when I am closing, to step with more stability while I am pitching that is the way if I do it like this when doing it like this and not closing so much my knee (the pitcher should close only a little bit his knee) you shift the weight of your body to your back foot. That’s why you do it like this When you land, watch your heel instead of your toes, you should land with your heel, because the force of the pitch will make your heel control your landing That’s why it is so important to land this way If you fall like this you are not doing it correctly I have to point to the ground with my lower back and when descending I land this way that will force me to gain stability. Let’s do it ok, ok, land that’s it! there is a nice support by his footprint he can see if he fell correctly, pointing towards the catcher in a straight line due to what we’ve been explaining before if i fall like this my body does this if my feet cross then I will land incorrectly I am showing my back to the catcher If he bats this way there is 90% chance to be hit by the baseball than if I landed correctly facing the catcher let’s do it another time

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