How to Choose Your JOOLA Table Tennis Rubber

hi I’m Matt Hetherington and today I’m going to be helping you find the most suitable table tennis rubber for your game we can break these table tennis rubbers into two categories the peps end table house rubber which has a smooth surface and is more suitable for offensive players and the peps out structure which is a pimpled surface and is more commonly used by defensive players such as push blockers or choppers in this video we’re going to look at inverted or pepsin rubbers those are the smoother as we talked about before there’s a large range of smooth rubbers and so it can be quite difficult to find the rubber that’s most suitable for you there are four different things that you can look at speed spin control and hardness possibly an easier way to look at these is to look at different playing styles that might relate to you and then look for a rubber that has properties that might be more suited to how you play so perhaps first let’s look at a developing style or a very controlled style let’s start with the Yola four year rubber does this rubber is well suited for learning and developing players and maybe players who have a very simple control style or a controlled all-around style has a soft sponge and a very simple structure and it’s very well priced the next plank style we can look at is the control spring category this is for players who require a high amount of control and rotation on the ball and usually a high trajectory two rubbers which are a great example of that either you’ll assemble 19 and the Yola max P these are two softer rubbers with soft sponge and grippy top sheets that allow you to get a lot of high spin on the ball and maintain a really good level of touch and control the next category I want to talk about is something I prefer to call controlled aggression so this is for players who prefer the fifth ball attack style and are looking to hit three or four aggressive style balls to win a point usually these players are looking for a high amount of speed and spin but with a good ratio of control to good examples of rubbers that allow you to play like this either your lure ISM and the RISM P the last category of player is the most offensive style these are the third ball attackers and the power hitters these are the players who are usually looking for the highest ratio of speed and spin they can get with a reasonable amount of control often you’re looking for rubbers that have a high degree of hardness and a lower trajectory perfect examples from Yola are the golden tango and the max 500 rubber for a full comparison chart of all the Euro rubbers with speed and spin characteristics you can visit your [Music]

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  1. why is he saying yola instead of joola?
    or is it pronounced as yola?

    where can i check the official prices of these rubbers?

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