How To Choose Table Tennis Shoes

Welcome back to my channel. A place to learn table tennis correctly and
with fun. A player asked me “What is the best table
tennis shoe to buy?” So, today, we discuss
how to choose your best table tennis shoe. But first of all, I want to announce a great
news! Now you can learn table tennis with
Timo Boll! Really? Yes! Timo Boll has opened his own website “Timo
Boll Webcoach”. You can have direct Skype Chat, and Video
Analysis of Timo Boll! This is the great opportunity to amateur players
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table tennis player in the world! Slow motion
analysis, and direct advices from Timo Boll! Table tennis is a specific sport. It requires you to do a lot of quick and small
step foot work, and also a lot of lateral movement. That’s the reason why, table tennis shoe
is not the same as running shoe, or another indoor shoes. Choosing the wrong shoes, not only prevent
you to do the correct footwork, but il can also introduce the injury in table
tennis. Especially “ankle injury” which
is very common in table tennis. Top players have injury due to intense competition
and training. Amateur players
can have injury due to bad shoes: high heel, slippy outer sole or bad support shoes. Don’t use running shoe in table tennis. Too thick outsole and high heelcap will prevent
you to move side by side, and can cause injury easily. Table tennis shoe needs thin and grippy outersole
for excellent grip on the floor. It also has flat heel, and good support to
protect your foot to jump side by side. That’s why Chinese National Team members are
extremely selective about their equipment. Not only their blade and rubber, but also
their shoes. Each year, about
10 types of blade are given for National Team to try. And then it often takes 2 to 3 modification
to satisfy them. About hundreds of
thousands of blades are given to the Chinese National Team each year. Top player
can easily feel the small difference in equipment. For example, Zhang Jike uses 40.5 degrees
on his Hurricane 3. Even though the
DHS machines measure the precise value, Zhang Jike can still feel
it when the hardness isn�t perfect or when the hardness isn�t what he wants. Different shoes can be made for different
foot characteristics or different shapes. Modifications for grip and even appearance
can also be done. Zhang Jike wants his left shoe to have the
letter J on the back of his shoe, with 3 stars underneath it to symbolize Grand Slam
winner, and his right shoe to have the letter �K� but with only one
star underneath it, and 2 question marks. Zhang Jike�s feet is also unique in that
size 25.5 is too small for him while size 26 is too big. So the team buys 25.5 for him, but also buys
an expander in which they put the shoe for 3 days to have it expanded to 25.75. They want to have the perfect possible equipments! Before choosing your shoes, you need to understand
your feets. Do you know that,
human has 3 types of foot? Chinese National Team measure the foot morphology
for each player. I will explain you quickly right now. You need to understand your foot morphology. It will help you to select the right
shock absorption, and the midsole. Your foot type will decide how thick the
midsole, and also the lacing technique for your shoes. In general, there 3 types of foot: Normal
foot, High arch, and Flat Foot. How to determine your foot morphology? There is a simple technique,
called as “Wet Test”. You can do it at home easily. Put your feet in water. And step on to a paper. When you look at your foot inprint,
you will see 3 common foot types: Flat, Normal, and High. If you have flat foot, buy a cheep and thin
insoles will help you during the long training sessions. If you have high arch, you should use custom
support mid sole. There are also the perfect way to lace your
shoes for your foot type. There are
4 type of lacing techniques for your table tennis shoes. How to choose a good table tennis shoes? What are characteristics of shoes
needed for table tennis? There are many table tennis shoes of differents
brands: Butterfly, DHS, ASICS, DONIC, Stiga, Joola, Mizuno , Adidas, etc. Firstly, I will buy cheap shoe. I won’t spend 200 dollars for a table tennis
shoes. Because most of the shoe are made in China,
Vietnam, and Pakistan. I’m using a 50
dollars shoes for more than 2 years, and I don’t have any problem with this shoes. Secondly, I recommend you to buy light shoes. Not heavier than 200 g/shoe. You need
a light shoe for fast foot work in table tennis. Light shoe also has light-weight mesh
fabric with as little leather as possible. And it’s is also Breathable (so your feet
don’t get too hot) And lastly, I prefer thin outersole but grippy
sole. We don’t need thick support sole. Because, in table tennis, the floor is normally
gerfloor or gym floor (sprung floor), which absorbs shocks, giving it a softer feel. So thiner and lighter sole is better! I recommend you to buy Joola shoes. The new model is Vivid. Why? Because Joola shoe is cheap. The quality is good. I don’t have any problem
with Joola shoe. The support for two sides is good (help you
jump side by side). The sole gives
the good grip, and it’s not too thick, which is good. It’s a little bit heavy, but it’s OK. It’s rather durable, I have used a Joola shoe
for more than 2 years. You can have your favorite brands. So I recommend you to buy the
table tennis shoes during serious training. Don’t use running shoes, or tennis shoes! That’s it for today! See you! EmRatThich!

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