How to choose table tennis racket, blade or rubber for future use, ENG SUB как выбрать на вырост

Hello! My name is Aleksej Sypachevskij. And this is channel TT-Maximum. Today I want to speak about choosing rubber, racket or blade for future use. It’s a frequently asked question,
and today I was asked again: “Aleksej, I’ve just got a racket, I will play with now,
thanks, but what rubbers shall I chose for the future?” What I want to say about it, is that it’s wrong posing the question to pick up something for the future. Because to pick up something, if we want to make right
choice, we should pick up due to current aims and goals. If I know the way I play now: at which level, in which style, what I make in the game,
I may choose racket due to all these. Due to my current aims, I may pick up blades
and rubbers with which I will make what I want. What means “for the future”? It is pickup to unknown goal, which is not exist. Which way will I play next year?
What will I want to play? Usually these questions are asked
by beginners or amateurs, who are planning to make great progress in a year. Anyway, now it’s unknown. That’s why there is no statement of question, no aim, due to which you may pick up. Most directly, pickup of racket
components for the future is stab in the dark. Because criteria how to pick up are unknown. That’s why I recommend to pick up rubbers,
blades and racket only due to current play level and style, and current aims. If you know that now you play what you
want to play, due to this you may pick up, because characteristics of rubbers and blades are known, at least to us, as we study them. That’s why we can pick up racket to
a player due to his level and style. But if it’s unknown, we have nothing to pick up. And, again, I strongly don’t recommend to pick up something for the future. So, always pick up components
of racket only due to current aim and turn to shop TT-Maximum
if you need a help or advise in pickup. We do it professionally, study the
equipment to pick up individually. If you have questions, turn to us, we will gladly help.

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