How to Choose Best Setup in Table Tennis

Welcome back to the channel of coach EmRatThich. How to choose the rubber? What
is the best blade? The best combination for my playing style? These are the
common questions that you ask. Today, I will answer it! How to choose the
best setup in table tennis. A true story … A player has shared his own experience. Choosing too fast blade has wasted
his 15 years of table tennis. Now, he recommend playing only allround blade. 15 years ! Choosing too fast blade is the best way to
ruin your table tennis life. Using the too fast blade is a common mistake
of many table tennis players. If
it’s also your case, change before it’s too late! Liu Shiwen once said in an interview that
for her, the best blade is an offensive blade but a flexible blade. Chinese players are so strong in table tennis,
not because they use the super fast equipment, but just because their techniques
are superior. They use
offensive blade (All+, Off-), but not the super fast and hard blade (OFF+,
OFF++). In this modern table tennis, Offensive blade
is obligatory. But the blade need
to be flexible. Flexible increases the spin, and the feeling,
which is more important. The flexible blade also gives the “kick effect”
to the ball. I will
explain it right now. Your setup (blade + rubber) will decide these
3 quality factors of the ball: 1) Ball Seperation Speed 1) Ball separation speed: The speed that the
ball bounces away from your blade. This factor is not very important because
it’s only the initial speed which will be reduced quickly by the air resistance. 2) Spin 2) Spin: The rotation of the ball in your
shot. This factor is important. Because spin controls the consistency. If you can impact the spin to the
ball, you can hit harder and the ball still goes inside the table. 3) Kick effect 3) Kick effect: acceleration upon the first
bounce on the opponent’s court. This is the most important factor. The kick effect is the result of
the quality shot. The “kick effect” is also the reason why Chinese
players dominate this game. Their ball is spinny, fast, and has a very
low bounce. It’s so difficult to return their ball. Let’s feel what I mean. The “Kick effect” in the shot of Chinese players. The ball
is so fast and very low bounce. The Spin alone can’t make this “kick effect”. This effect comes only from the
“powerful shot”, which is loaded with speed, and spin. (I’ve explained it before). Another example of “Kick effect” on the backhand
shot. Let’s compare with the shot of the European
players. Can you feel the difference? The ball of European players is spinny, but
slower, and without the “kick effect”. Look at these rallies, the trajectory is
curvy (due to spin), but the kick effect is weak, not as strong as the Chinese
players. 4 types of combinations
(blade + rubber) According to the Japanese magazine Table Tennis
Kingdom, there are 4 types of setup. 1) Soft Rubber on Flexible Blade. This setup is best for consistency and
rotation. This setup will give you Max Spin (5 stars),
but only 1 star on the ball seperation speed, the Kick effect is Medium (3 stars). Soft Blade + Soft Rubber is best for:
– Recommended for beginner and intermediate choppers
– Ideal for offensive players with variation topspin and blocks
– defensive players who punish their opponent by changing up spin This is the most controllable setup, but weak,
the ball is spinny, but slow. 2) Hard Rubber on Stiff Blade. This setup has the highest rebound speed,
the ball leaves the racket super fast. But it’s difficult to spin the ball because
there is no dwell-time. Rebound speed super fast (5 stars), Spin very
weak (2 stars), Kick effect very weak (2 stars). Hard Rubber + Stiff blade is best for:
– Hitter who loves smashing every ball – But you will make many unforced errors. No Spin means no Control. – Close to the table, quick attack playing
style with tacky rubber. This is the fastest setup, no spin, super
fast, and risky shot: smash and flat- hit (double-edge sword) 3) Soft Rubber on Stiff Blade. This setup give you a Unique Feel of Bite
and Catapult. The soft rubber gives sufficient bite with
good control. The hard
blade gives the ball speed and the catapult effect on soft rubber. This setup is the main type of setup in European
countries. In Western
countries, the philosophy in table tennis is: “Rubber makes the ball spin,
and blade will give the speed”. Soft Rubber on Hard blade, you get fast rebound
speed (4 stars), Medium Spin (3 stars), and Weak Kick Effect
(2 stars). Soft rubber + Stiff blade is best for:
– Player who loves catapult effect (the rubber eats the ball, and rebound
away). – good feel on fast blocks (good for blocker)
– Ideal for players lacking power who stick to the table
– Best for fast-attack play close to the table with some driving Weakness:
– Only Medium Spin. It is surprisingly difficult to impart strong
spin on the ball. Soft rubber means weak rubber. Stiff blade means short dwell-time. – loss of speed once away from the table. As I’ve said, the rebound speed
is not important because it’s just the initial speed. When you play far from
the table, this setup is very weak. 4) Hard Rubber on Flexible Blade. This setup is the Mainstream and very
balanced. With hard rubber, the shots will rebounce
quickly (kick effect). Flexible blade will make it’s easier to applying
spin to the ball (because of dwell-time). This is the main setup in the Asian countries. Chinese philosophy is different:
The hard rubber will give the ball speed and kick effect (more important), the
blade will give dwell-time, feeling, and make the ball spin. With this setup, you get medium ball seperation
speed (3 stars), Very good spin (4 stars) and Excellent Kick Effect (5
stars). Hard Rubber + Flexible Blade is best for:
– the best setup for mid-range looping machine (Ma Long style)
– all-round offensive play slightly away from the table (dominant style in
this modern table tennis) – the kick effect is the key of success of
Chinese players But, you need:
– hard rubber does not bite excessively onto the ball, you need a good
technique, good “acceleration” to spin the ball
– tacky rubber will improve the dwell-time on soft stroke
– The ball rebound speed is not very fast due to flexible blade. You need
to use your physical strength to increase this initial speed. Now you understand why top Chinese players
love using offensive but flexible blade. To increase the flexibility of the blade,
they often ask the supplier to make the custom large head blade for them. Chinese players also love using the harder
rubbers on both side to increase the “kick effect”. While European players love playing with softer
rubber, to have the “catapult effect” (the ball stucked on the
racket and then bounce away). European players use harder blade to compensate
the soft rubber (soft rubber means weak rubber). However, this setup is weak when playing far
away from the table, the kick is effect is also weak
too. Choosing the right
setup is crucial! At the top level, the good setup contributes
about 20% of the performance. Chinese players can’t get such a huge success
if they don’t use a specific setup. A very hard rubber gives a direct feeling
and transfer all of the energy to the ball. Soft and bouncy rubber can’t do this. And when a good setup is
combined with their superior technique, it’s a deadly weapon in table tennis. The Right Setup for the Beginners At the beginner level, it’s even much more
important to choose the right setup at the beginning. I know a player, his name is Vic, don’t know
how to Backhand topspin even after 8 years of training. No one has said to him that
his setup is not good. He is using a very soft rubber on the backhand
side. This one: Donic Desto Big Slam F3, hardness about 35
degree. Some coaches say that
“using soft rubber will give you control”. I say “No”. Using too soft rubber will
limit your stroke, prevent you to develop a full stroke mechanism. Vic has a
bad habit on Backhand side, just put the racket to slightly spin the ball, but
never “accelerate” with a fast and long stroke. So he never knows how to
topspin safely and consistently on the backhand side. Using too soft rubber (right), the ball is
bottom out too soon. “Bottom out” is
that the ball leaves your racket before you finish the stroke. That means you
will loose the energy of your stroke. Too soft rubber also prevent you to
“accelerate” in the stroke, because of the bottom-out. With hard enough
rubber, all of the energy of the stroke is transfered to the ball. You have a
direct feeling of the ball, the more you accelerate, the more ball is spinny. Kids in China, they don’t have much money. They use a 5$ hard rubber on
both side. Hard rubber is not bouncy at all, but gives
the direct feeling of the ball. They develop the full mechanism of stroke. So using the too soft, mushy
rubber is very bad for new players. However, in many clubs that I’ve visisted,
the coach still recommend very soft rubber for kids. The Rule-of-Thumb to choose your setup is:
– Never choose rubber softer than 40 hardness (European scale) on the backhand
– If you want to control, a thin but hard rubber is much
better than a thick but soft rubber – Choose the harder rubber for the Forehand
side, because you can hit harder on the Forehand Reference: I’m using a 50 hardness rubber
on my backhand side, and about 53 hardness rubber on my Forehand side. I still find that 50 hardness is not hard
enough for the new poly ball. Take-away:
– The best way to ruin your table tennis life is using a too
fast blade (faster than OFF+, OFF++, Carbon blade). – Using too soft rubber (softer than 35-40
degree) will prevent you develop the confidence, and the
acceleration in your stroke
– In this modern table tennis, the best set up is: Hard rubber
on a flexible blade, this is the best setup for a looping
machine. Good spin, excellent Kick effect. – On the Forehand side, choose a rubber harder
than 45-47 degree. Choose hard but thin rubber, which is better
than soft but thick rubber. Somewhere in France, Find my video helpful? Offer me a coffee 🙂
Search “Patreon EmRatThich”. Bye bye bye!

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  1. Hi coach, I use hard and stiff blade (donic ovtcharov carbospeed) with h3neo tacky rubber on forehand and joola maxxx500 on my backhand, it make me improve a lot but sometime my shoot goes to fast out of the table, should i change with hard and medium stiff blade(viscaria maybe)? Or maybe i just need more practice? Thanks a lot..

  2. So Emrathic, I noticed a significant decline in spin and kick effect when I switched to the DHS PG-12. Should I switch back to an all ply wood 7 blade? (Skyline 2 Neo FH, Yasaka High Grande BH)

  3. Hello coach. I live in Philippines and I was wondering if my equipment is a good combo for fh and bh topspins?? My coach gave me this:Blade:
    729 friendship 8030
    Fh rubber: LKT rapid sound
    Bh rubber: LKT rapid power
    If this is not a good setup, can you give me some advise and suggestion for choosing my own equipment? Thank you for your videos 🙂 It helped me a lot to train by myself when I am not able to practice on my club since my school eats most of my time.

  4. I don't know if this is the place to ask, but I hope someone can help me
    I am buying my first blade, and I was thinking for a yasaka sweden extra with DHS 3 hurricane on both sides (red/black).
    Is this right for a beginer/intermediate looping aggressive player? Thank you!

  5. Hello, thank you for videos! Can you pls advise concrete equipment for me 🙂 I play table tennis for 6 months with Butterfly primorac off & butterfly flextra on both sides. I have really bad spin and slow balls. Also it's hard to control a ball and keep it on a table during training. I have a coach who provide me with some basic technics, but I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Maybe downgrade from off blade and a hard rubber will help me progress faster. My playstyle is: returning a ball passively is possible (hit it back when I'm forced) and wait an opportunity for topspin. Sometimes I can answer topspin to topspin. can you please suggest some cheap equipment set for a beginner like me? thank you much!

  6. should I change my equipment every year?? I am an intermediate- advanced player..Is Yinhe moon a great rubber on both fh and bh in my blade yinhe y14??

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  8. @EmRatThich Why do you think that only the Chinese techniques are superior? You see Timo Ball and JO Waldner playing and then see Ma Long and Zhang Jhike. It's not that they are bad but it's just that European players are more technical than "Chinese players". I think that in 10 years or so Chinese will be no more dominant

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  10. Hi Coach,

    I like your videos very much and I learned a lot from watching them. Now, I would like to know your opinion on my current setup. I've been playing for around a year now but I was using a fast blade ( Yinhe T-11) which made my strokes incomplete as you taught in your videos.

    Now, I plan to start all over using a proper beginner paddle. As such, I bought this setup.

    Donic Appelgren Allplay
    2 yasaka mark v 1.5mm

    Here are few inquiries.
    1. What do you think about this setup?
    2. Would this be optimal in relearning my strokes?
    3. What would be an alternative setup (Chinese brands)?
    4. What would be the next step for my current setup? Do I just increase thickness of yasaka mark v? Or do I change to Chinese rubber?

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  13. Hi Coach EmRatThic. I grow up using Chinese rubber because I don't have money when i was a student. I have a Chinese stroke and good hip foot rotation. After viewing this video, I made a mistake when I have money to buy faster blade and rubber. Currently i have a Donic Waldner Senso Carbon (not Ultra) with Donic Acuda S2 black front and Donic Desto F3 for backhand. I want to switch to Chinese rubber again.

    Is Donic Waldner Senso Carbon flexible? what can you recommend a basic Chinese rubber in the forehand and backhand? I don't want to change my blade. I hope I can still use it. I am thinking of buying an RITC Geo Spin Tacky.

  14. Hello, Emrat. Could you please recommend what should I buy as my next blade. I played with all blade for about 1 year and now want to try stiga S2000 or yinhe galaxy T-11 offensive, could you please recommend one of them?

  15. Hi ^_^ ive learned so much from your videos and I'm a huge fan!! Thanks for all that you do =) I Have a question for choosing the right blade.
    I want to learn how to stroke and hit the ball like MaLong and WangLiqin. I have H3 blue sponge, and have 3 different blades: W6, stiga clipper, and 729 bomb. These blades all feel hard withlittle flex… I was thinking of getting either the Yasaka Sweden Extra (more flexible and slower than violin according to ttdb) or getting a Nittaku Violin.
    Which would be better to learn full body power from ground Ma Long/WangLiqin strokes? I am penhold btw

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  16. thank you coach for your videos and i improve my play, but i have to ask ,i have Yinhe T8s Blade and my forehand rubber is DHS Hurricane 3 NEO, can I able to spin the ball? because according in this video Stiff blade + hard rubber is very fast but no spin..

  17. Is Butterfly viscaria a flexible blade?? I usually set up my table tennis racquet with DHS hurricane 2 and I currently use a Donic epox offensiv, but I want to buy a viscaria in 6 months.

  18. Hi coach!
    I am a very amatuer player and play at school and for leisure/hobby. I do not know what kidn of blade i should get, i have looked for some all round blades but do not know which one to choose. My style is backhand dominant and i usually loopkill w backhand and sometimes with forehand. I am not the aggresive type of player but neither am i a defender or very passive player. My serve is reverse pendulum serve and i like to backspin the ball a lot. Can u recommend the type of blade for me? Ive found a website here: Feel free to recommend me any other websites 😀 Thank you so much. 😀 <3

  19. So many ask the same questions… One Of them are how to choose a good flexible blade. Many flexible blades are 5ply only Wood, Good composition is ayous-Limba-ayous-limba-ayous. Just Search for the blade you are intrested in and composition, some forums or sites show THE composition.
    2. Compostite blades are not flexible enough for People Still learning correct strokes. For example ALC and ZLC, as well as carbon blades. Some 7 ply Woods are pretty flexible, good too purchase after learning strokes to get some more Speed.
    3. Why pro plays pretty fast and a bit harder blades then emratthich says is because their technique is already developed and they can hit really Hard, so they don't need that much dwell time. Viscaria is not considered very flexible, Good for pros though.
    To be sure get a 5 ply Wood Blade and not to thick, around 5,5mm. Put some Hard rubber on forehand and medium Hard on backhand and it's all Good.
    Examples in blades:
    Stiga allround classic
    Yasaka Sweden extra
    Nittaku violin
    Butterfly primorac
    Butterfly Petr korbel
    Timo boll Allround
    Butterfly grubba All+
    Stiga Celero Wood
    (Not as important as Blade)
    (BH. Around 45 deg europe scale or 36 chinese scale)
    (FH. Around 49 deg europe scale or 38 deg chinese scale)
    Rememer that rubber don't have to cost much, friendship has some Good cheap rubbers as 729 super Fx which is not soft as they say, you can go even harder after a while. Tenergy has their own degree scale btw. 36 for Them is around 47-49 in Europe scale (i think!).
    Only did this to help emratthich, the Guy is a king.

  20. Thanks for your generous advice. Now i know that i have the right combination for my game.and level. I play with OSP blade Expert, and tenergy 25 , flexibel,and medium hard rubber.
    Have a nice day.

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  22. Hello,
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  23. I don't agree on the statement that a soft blade + a soft rubber = control. I find such setups to be wildly unpredictable, particularly with modern tensor rubbers. I like a thick and stable blade with a hard outer ply and a medium to hard rubber for control myself.

  24. hello, I now just starting to play with custom racket. I got advice start of with Otcharov senso v1 (7ply all wood), so i can used it for long time. what is your opinion?

  25. Hello i would like to hear some recommendations for bh rubber (30€ max ) my blade is pg7 and for fh i use dhs h3 classic

  26. Thank you! I switched from OFF++ Donic Ovtcharov CarboSpeed to DEF Yasaka Sweden Defensive and noticed the difference in spin and control right away. Im an offensive player and I use Donic Bluefire M1 in forehand and Bluefire M2 in backhand.

  27. Hey. I have been following you for quite sometime. The problem in India is, u haven't found a sport shop that gives you more than a stiga or butterfly blade along with MarkV.

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    PS : I'm more of an offensive player!

    And is there a website where I can order it from online?

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  28. Hi Coach, Can you please recommend Chinese blades for beginner? Like your saying it should be flexible blade, and if you can also suggest specific rubber brands for FH and BH too. Please help, thank you.

  29. hi, im penholder and has been using some cheap tacky Chinese rubber for a year and feel very comfortable. Yesterday i tried Hurricane III blue sponge and its very hard. shud i change the set up in order to adapt with harder rubber ? thanks

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  31. Hello Coach, I have shared a query 15 days back on your Facebook Link shared above. Looking forward for your valuable input. Thanks

  32. I understand the logic behind the concept of hard rubber and flexible blade. But without having tackiness the hard rubber is difficult to spin on serves. It needs momentum such as a high toss or opponent loop to generate the spin. With this set up would I lose spinny serves with hard rubber? Also what do you mean by "flexible" blade? Do you mean with a slower speed rating? Can you please give some examples? The DHS Ma Long blade is rated at very fast.

  33. hey, thanks for the valuable insight! when you say had but thin rubber, how thin are you thinking? Thank You!

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  39. chinese player use soft on their backhand and hard on forehand just in case they have to play far away from the table and smashing with soft rubber

  40. Hello Coach @EmRatThich : I am avid follower of your video tutorials and always lookout for your tips and suggestions to improve the technique. On your advise on understanding my game and choosing right setup. I am moving from begineer to an intermediate stage. All this while i played with local stag prebuilt racket and often had issues controlling. I've gone ahead and bought : Stiga Allround Classic with , Tibhar Evolution MX-P (red/black) . so my understanding was this blade gives me good feel and awesome control but not much speed. To compensate i've got the Tibhar evolution mx-p which is not too soft a medium hard rubber but gives me that speed i lack from blade. I guess my understanding of the setup is correct and my playing style is offensive. I would appreciate your feedback and any suggestions you may have.

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  50. Good video, but as with most Chinese coaches making videos, you sound so biased and sounds like a superiority complex. Eastern and western styles have their strengths and weaknesses. Most Chinese videos make it seem like Chinese way is the only correct way.

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  60. I love that the advice in this video is true. I got my first custom racket in October 2018. It is a all+ blade with medium hardness rubbers. I can feel the spin of my opponent as well as generate a lot of spin. When those rubbers get worn out, I will purchase hard rubber for forehand and medium to medium-hard on backhand.

    Love your advices, I'm starting to develop a very powerful backhand and forehand attacking style, thanks to you. The #1 Coach in the world ?

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    i am currently using pre-assembled Donic DHS X4002, and I want to change the rubber because I feel I can do more with better rubber
    what do you think about my blade ? (DHS X4002's blade) Is it categorized as hard or flexible blade? and what about its rubber? hard or soft rubber?
    I am currently still finding which rubber I should buy, but I guess I'll keep using the blade from x4002 because all my friends recommends that (keep using the blade, and changing the rubbers only, on both sides)

    and yes if you want to know, I am more like an offensive player, my paradigm is mainly attack using topspin loop (definitely not a defensive player, chopper, controller or spinner)
    maybe like ma long

    *edit with my current setup (x4002) I feel that it lacks power because if I don't apply any force (just bounce the ball), in any stroke (be it lob, block, or even loop / drive) it won't reach the other end of the table, I need to slightly put force in it. Why I said that? because I once borrowed my friend's (better) equipment and I feel like it bounces more (so I need less strength)

    well I don't mind if I'm going to need to exert the power myself, just want to make sure is my racket lack strength?

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