How to Catch a Baseball : How to Play Pepper

Hi, I’m Bill Rogan along with Andy Cornell,
and on behalf of Expert Village — one longtime baseball drill that’s very good for the reflexes
and coordination is pepper. You don’t need a lot of room to play it, it’s a good warm
up exercise before a game. Simply the fielder will throw the ball to the batter, who hits
little line drives and ground balls, and it’s a good way to practice your fielding technique.
So Andy and I will play a game of pepper. Keep moving side to side. Ground balls, also
hit some line drives. Again, always work on your fielding technique, and if you’re hitting,
see the ball hit the bat. It’s a fun way to loosen up, especially if you’ve got four or
five guys and if you make an error you go to the end of the line. If the batter misses,
then the next guy takes over. And that is what we call pepper.

9 thoughts on “How to Catch a Baseball : How to Play Pepper

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  2. @BabyPujols Cuz they're doing it kinda bitchy. Play with the full diamond and it'll be cool. Try to be as accurate as possible so the batter could hit the ball.

  3. This isn't pepper. there have to be 5-7 fielders, in a line facing the batter. You don't know who the next ball will be hit to. If you muff a fielding play, or throw the ball back so the batter can't hit it, you are out, and leave the fielding line. Last one standing is the winner. *That* is the *game* of pepper.

  4. the fielder is supposed to underhand it from the ground ball fielding position so you get a more realistic swing and contact point.

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