How to Catch a Baseball : How to Catch a Fly Ball in Baseball

Hi. I’m Bill Rogan along with Andy Cornell
on behalf of Expert Village. We are going to talk right now about fielding pop ups and
fly balls. These should be very easy, they are often not. You have the wind, you have
the sun and you have to be able to judge the ball. That is first and foremost. When you
see where the ball is coming down, you want to get nice and squared and stay behind the
ball, two hands and come into the ball. Couple of things, when the ball is in the air, you
want to field it above your head. Make sure you do not put your glove in front of your
face because then you might lose site of the ball. Get your glove up there, two hands,
field it and coming forward, stay on the balls of your feet. That is for routine fly ball
pop ups, other times you are chasing the ball and you have to reach out, you have to reach
down. What we talked about earlier, above the waist you want to have the glove up, below
the waist you want to have the glove down. Glove up, up, up. Glove down. Glove down when
you come in for the ball. Judge it, two hands get yourself in good throwing position. You
don’t want to catch the ball here or here on a routine fly ball. Andy’s hit the ball,
drop back, two hands come in to the throw. Catch the ball, turn, come up throwing.

15 thoughts on “How to Catch a Baseball : How to Catch a Fly Ball in Baseball

  1. I play baseball for a high school that always goes to semi-state or state each year, if anyone didn't know this, then thats sad…lol

  2. They need younger people to teach this, i plaay AAA baseball. they guy is doing it right but if there was younger guy teachin this people would like it better and would understand it xD

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