How to Catch a Ball at Your Next Baseball Game

How to Catch a Ball at Your Next Baseball
Game. Next time someone takes you out to the ball
game, score yourself a Major League baseball with these winning tips. You will need A seat in foul or home run territory
Batters’ home run history A glove and an aisle seat. Step 1. To increase your chances of catching a foul
ball, get a seat in the second-level loge, either behind home plate or near the foul
poles—they’re the poles attached to the outfield fence at the ends of both foul lines. To catch a home run, sit behind the outfield. An aisle seat provides maximum movement. Step 2. If you’re going to be sitting in the outfield,
learn where individual hitters are more likely to send a home run ball. There are web sites that can provide this
insider info. Step 3. Arrive at the stadium in time for batting
practice, when you might be able to catch errant balls. Some teams also engage in a fast-paced fielding
warm-up known as “pepper,” which provides another great opportunity. Most stadiums open an hour or two before the
game. Don’t let your guard down! Many times a player hits one ball right after
another into the seats during batting practice. Step 4. Keep your glove on whenever a batter is up. Step 5. Take every opportunity to be on your feet
so you have a jump start on balls. Just take care not to annoy the folks sitting
behind you! Step 6. Pay attention to the pitches. Balls are mostly fouled off fastballs and
curveballs, and are more likely to occur when a batter is behind in the count. Step 7. If you’re in a position to move around the
stadium, head toward right field when a left-hander is at bat; balls tend to sail in the opposite
direction of the batter’s stance. Did you know The fan who caught the Barry
Bonds home-run ball that broke Hank Aaron’s record sold it for $752,467.20.

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  1. When I was 7 years old I went to a baseball game and the people to the left and right of my parents and I caught a ball. And we were in the wrong seats. We were supposed to be in the person's seat next to us but they sat there already before us so we just forgot it. That was very sad for me.

  2. @MrMuscleman66 i like the yankees well no i just like curtis granderson, robinson cano, and mark teixara!!! GO ASTROS!!!

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