6 thoughts on “How to Break 90 in Golf the EASY Way | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor

  1. Hi Shaun, I keep pulling my putter a lot during rounds, do you have any drills to work on keeping my putter square?

  2. Kurtis, sounds like the putter face is more than likely closing during impact. I need you to make sure you are aiming correctly. Sometimes, where we "feel" we are aimed and where we are actually aimed can be completely different. 
    I have a drill. Get two tees, place one just inside the toe and one just inside the heel. You may find that the toe is beating the heel when you make a stroke (obviously you won't be able to follow through). The object of this drill is to have the toe and heel strike both tees at the same time. This will help create a good sensation for a square putter face at impact, once you are comfortable, introduce a golf ball.

  3. hi sean  I have a problem what I call slapping my irons, like I cannot get any power in my shots can you help me  john.

  4. The EASY WAY to break 90 is to hit from the front tee boxes, not the longer back ones. And don't move back until you break 90 regularly, if you ever do……

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