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When you block against
a heavy topspin loop you need ten minutes you can return it. For that ten minutes you
need to find a partner who’s loop is very spinny lots of topspin. So you just push to him then block. When you block remember okay your racket don’t go forward no, just stay there. If you don’t believe me
you can take a picture take a video take a look at yourself, you must be move forward a little bit. Then the ball go out. So I’m going to show you
how to block it okay. So let my partner… loop heavy topspin. Push See, don’t move your racket. Push oh, see I think the same problem
with you right now, right? Still, how can you fix it? Don’t move, change your racket angle a little bit faced down. For example right now you stay like this right now your racket angle like this just change a little bit. A little bit, then block again don’t move forward, just stay there okay? We’re going to try You see that? It’s working right now. You see that? It’s good right? See don’t move your racket,
change your racket angle. Even if the ball is short don’t move your racket. Just stay there. See? Just stay there – block. Okay, so that one you just find a partner
and let him practice slow loop, then you just block.
If you can block five or six in a row no mistake you get it. Okay? Ten minutes.

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  1. @pokemon17007

    Try to angle your racquet lower then. If you can make the ball pass just over the net, the chance of a successful hard offensive move against you is quite slim.

  2. What do you mean by "push it towards the table"? That they move their racket forward while performing the block?

  3. I believe he's talking about active block, possibly some small counter-loop. Coach Li is speaking of the pure topspin block where you just adjust racket angle to counter the heavy topspin.

  4. He looks like a good coach but for beginners ………. I would try to push the ball shot onto the opponents backhand so he will not forehand loop it (y)

  5. In a game situation, absolutely. In this video Coach Li is intentionally setting his practice partner up for a forehand slow loop so he can demonstrate blocking against heavy topspin.

  6. If you look closely, they are actually applying a bit of sidespin to the ball much like the traditional penhold backhand block.

  7. What you are talking about is a lot harder to do. You should search on youtube, Ma Long over the table loop. Its a good video and basically shows the type of stuff you are talking about. It is really hard to get the type of timing and skill to perform this in an in-game situation. It takes a lot of time to be able to reach a level of consistency to be able to actually not just block back a high spinny loop but to add some of your own power and spin behind it.

  8. It also helps to keep the paddle extremely lose in the hand. That way it absorbs more of the balls speed/energy.

  9. Yes, counter looping is a better option if possible. The student's question indicated that the incoming ball wasn't high enough for him to effectively attack though and Coach Li answered the question with that in mind.

  10. He is a good coach!! for me this is the best way on teaching newbies or beginners. And his english is good already. Atleast he can speak english!!

  11. He says, "you need to find a partner who's loop is very spinny."

    We realize Coach Li's English isn't perfect but he's doing the best he can. We've provided captions so if you have trouble understanding him feel free to turn them on.

  12. Coach Li please keep these videos coming, I am a beginner and I was able to implement your technique and overcome a heavy top spin the first week instead of just blocking I was able to return strong! Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the game and please just ignore the haters, the 15 year old kids that have nothing better to do than make fun and the wanna be experts out there maybe if they took the time to ask you an intermediate level question and you can video it to appease them also.

  13. Thanks for the comment. To answer your fitness question, the best way would be to do something that you enjoy… then it's not such a chore :). Remember though that consistency and progressive overload is critical to increase one's fitness level.

  14. You must learn to walk before you can run. This is a necessary foundational skill to develop before moving onto a more advanced return.

  15. COMPLETAMENTE INUTILE. Se vai in una palestra di insegnanti cinesi e fai vedere questo video ti ridono in faccia!!!!

  16. Hey TableTennisMaster,
    I already tried to do so, but my oponent's topspins bounce very flat because of their amount of spin, and they also bounce near the base line.
    I always think, when I adjust my racket angle even more, the angle between ball bounce and racket will just be too pointed to hit it securely. I got better results playing like a small topspin against it, but this needs more time. Do you understand my point?

  17. I think this "blocking" technique is only useful when you're able to place a shot where it would be difficult for the opponent to return; otherwise, the opponent will likely be able to return with a more powerful shot, and the game's over…

  18. I think that's part of his demonstration for what happens when the angle is too high or too low, but his English isn't very good so it's hard to know he's actually demonstrating a bad return…

  19. I don't think it may be mainly because of the movement, sometimes you just hold the racquet and the ball flies back out, which in this case u gotta block using very soft hand, cause that acts like a cushion and gets the spin or starting the block a lil bit higher, which u can change it to a punch afterwards, I highly recommend counterspinning those balls cause they're mostly hard to block and easier for your opponent to attack u again

  20. Nos podrías doblar al español tus videos ,seria de una gran ayuda para tus seguidores latinos .saludes desde Colombia .

  21. I am using an active block now . A trajectory of ball is less high and more speedy and dangerous for opponent. But I think, it is as the second step. Right?

  22. Can I question coach
    Because I want to buy a new blade and rubber because I have moved from the amateur level to the professional level …
    Is there someone who can help me in this matter ….
    thinks couch Li

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  24. This won't help much if there is really heavy topspin on it, in that case, hold the racket very loose in your hand. It will absorb the spin and do the trick.

  25. This loop has so less spin, you can probably smash it without thinking, I'm sorry but your lesson is wrong. This is not heavy topspin, this is baby topspin.

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