How to Block a Volleyball (3 CRITICAL STEPS)

Are you finding it difficult to block? If
so, watch this video to discover my three critical steps learning to block. Along with the best advice on volleyball
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when I post a new video every Tuesday. If you’ve been struggling at blocking and
can’t seem to figure out how to become a better blocker, by the end of this video you’ll
have some very important tips that will help you improve your blocking skills.
These are the exact tips I use with my players and now it’s your turn. The three
things you really need to focus on when it comes to blocking are, number one,
staying aggressive. Number two, getting over the net. Number three, stuffing or
touching the ball. The goal with blocking is to stuff or touch the ball. Your team
may even have a strategy of funneling the ball to the defense. The ready stance. Start with arms
parallel to the floor. A common mistake is to start with the
hands high. You can start with the hands high if you don’t need to jump high. You often
see tall middle blockers in this high hand position. This position works well
for when blocking the quick-set to the middle but for most blockers most of the
time jumping high is going to be important. So always start with the hands
lower and be ready to use your arms for jumping. Now if you haven’t watched my
video where I explain the footwork for blocking, be sure to check it out.
The link to watch it is in the description below and also in the cards
in this video. So here is how to block. Stand square to the net. Place hands in
front of you and start the movement by bending the legs. Hands go back then up
as you’re jumping up. Get over the net. Now when blocking, it’s
important to get over the net. The best blockers use their core shoulders,
and back. Roll the shoulders. Often a common mistake when blocking is to focus on
bending at elbows. Using an elbow snap or having soft wrists is a mistake. You want
to roll the shoulders and extend the arms and hands. You want to focus on
locking at the elbows and hands and finishing the movement strong. Be
aggressive. So you want to be aggressive when you
block and extend over the net when you block. You want to focus on reaching to
the back line. So you aren’t reaching up to the ceiling, you’re reaching to the
back line. You never want to be reaching away from the court. If you’re
reaching away, you create an opening in the block for the hitter to hit the ball
through. However, reaching toward the middle of the court can be a good thing. Now if you’re interested in becoming a
more dynamic blocker, be sure to watch my video on swing blocking. The link to
watch it is in description below and also in the cards in this video. Taking
away the angle. When it comes to positioning, focus on taking away the
angle of the hitter. Most hitters will hit the direction they are facing. What
the blocker needs to do is line up to block in the angle of the approach. Never
reach away from the court. Swing blocking can be a good thing. It
just needs to be done well. So if you’re going to swing block, then you need to
practice this skill a lot. The players that aren’t that good at swing blocking
tend to fly through the air and they end up over rotating. The over rotation is a
problem because you want to always finish square to the net. When you over
rotate, your body isn’t square and both hands aren’t over the net. You don’t want
your body open when the hitter is hitting the ball. You want to be square
to the net with the hands and arms reaching over the net. If you’ve been struggling with blocking
or have a question related to blocking, please comment below with a follow up
question. Now you know how to block a volleyball. But what about the steps you
gotta take to learn to become an awesome blocker? I’ve created a checklist that
covers the entire process of learning to block a volleyball. This covers
everything you need to know to learn the skill of blocking. The link is below. If you
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