How to Become a Great Pitcher | Baseball Pitching

What makes a good pitcher? That’s a great question. There are certain common traits that all great
pitchers have. Number one, they all have a fluid delivery,
with no tension in their bodies. Number two, they can throw strikes. A third facet that they all have, as a component
of their pitching, is they do not do anything that’s going to hinder their arm, meaning
they’re not going to throw in a manner that might injure them. An excellent pitcher might also be able to
keep hitters off balance by varying their timing. They might throw some four-seam fastballs,
two-seam fastballs, be able to rotate over to a change-up grip, throw an effective slider
or curve ball, and in doing so, that will keep the hitters guessing what’s coming. Another thing pitchers might want to do is
vary the eye level. So they might start with a pitch at the eyes
and then change down to a pitch at the ankles. All talented pitchers have one common trait. And that is, they can all throw a pitch from
the same arm spot and the same arm speed whether it’s a fast ball, change-up, curve ball, et
cetera. So it’s very important as a pitcher to be
able to throw the same arm speed and arm slot every single pitch, regardless of what that
pitch is. Lastly, all great pitchers are effective at
holding runners on base, in doing so, the opponent cannot get a good jump on the bases,
on them. If you can do all these things, you will be
an effective pitcher.

14 thoughts on “How to Become a Great Pitcher | Baseball Pitching

  1. All great pitchers have one common trait – Theyre all pitching in the major leagues, and not making videos on youtube.

  2. That's actually not a balk. It states that a left handed pitch can raise his leg and deliver to 1st base. A right handed pitcher has the same rights but they can deliver to 3rd with there leg lifted.

  3. hey I'm a pitcher and I'm 15 years old and I have a problem with throwing my pitches in the dirt, anybody have any tips for how to fix my problem?

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