How To Beat Long Pips Players – Table Tennis University

The long pips if you have a key there that means you know when the long pips push it’s no spin and you loop, they chop back
it’s backspin. So, okay, we’re going to show some. So when the long pips push this one it’s no spin. This one’s bottom spin. This one’s no spin. So you already know it. Now I try to push you to use your your best skill. For example, forehand or backhand kill. Practice. Keep practicing. So every time you’re looking for the dead spin ball. If the deadspin ball is coming in
you can try to kill the game. Ok just like this so this is no spin bottom spin so this one. You’re looking for the chopper they just push back. That one is dead spin, right. So you’re looking for this one
to kill the game. So push, no spin. Push nospin kill the game. And this one no spin kill the game. And also your forehand, same thing
you’re looking for this one. So push. This one’s no spin. Kill the game. This one no spin kill the game. So everytime, you’re just looking for no spin. So you keep practicing. When you play the game you can plan it. For example, when you serve you serve bottom spin they pushed back this ball is no spin. or kind of top spin. So you’re
just looking for this one then try to attack against no spin. So no spin because you know the long pips when they push back it’s no spin, right. Same thing backhand this one’s no spin forward. Now this is bottom spin.
This is no spin. Ok. Serve. I’m going to serve bottom spin. He’s going to push back, it’s no spin. So bottom spin. Serve bottom spin So every time practice like this.
You have to try everytime catch when you catch the no spin
you can kill the game. Then your game going to stronger stronger stronger. So the long pips it’s easy to control because
they cannot control the spin. It’s all your side. You control the spin. So you have to know when is no spin, when is bottom spin. Bottom spin. No spin. Bottom spin. Top spin. Ok. Go practice try to find your best skill to kill the game. Ok thank you.

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