How To Beat A Goalkeeper (Football) – Tutorial

finishing is a mental game today we’re going to focus on beating the keeper in a 1v1 situation so you’re past the defense the only thing standing between you and scoring is the goalkeeper the first step is to accelerate towards goal dribbling as fast as you can without losing control of the ball as you approach look up to check the position of the goalkeeper slow your approach as you near the goal taking time to decide where to place your shot plan to shoot when the goalkeeper is at least 5 yards away before the keeper closes down your angle for scoring the shot there are three basic places to finish the far post the near post and through the goalkeepers legs choose the right spot by watching the goalkeeper to see what they’re giving you if the keeper is guarding the near post place the ball in the far corner if the keeper is cheating towards a far post score at the near post if the goalkeeper spreads their legs wide pass the ball through their legs and score with a nutmeg now that we’ve talked about the basics here are a few advanced tips to help you improve your finishing open your body if the keeper can’t guess where you’re going to shoot you’re more likely to score opening your body towards a far post gives you the option to shoot both to the far set of the goal and the near avoid the goalkeepers foot goalkeepers block many shots with an outstretched foot shooting slightly off the ground will lift the ball over the keepers leg while remaining too low to be reached by their hands fake a shot keep the goalkeeper guessing not just where you will shoot but also when if you have time fake a shot before your real one throwing off the goalkeepers timing follow your shot a large number of goals are scored after the ball rebounds off the keeper the goal frame or another player you will score more goals if you follow your shot looking for rebounds yeah

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  1. Im striker. I score loads of goals but now im tending to miss 1 on 1 but the thing is the keeper just stands on their line and i shoot and miss as they save it. What shall i do to improve that.

  2. Ok one mo no hate but the first one you can run up to them and scare them so they’ll shoot in a opposite direction or you can block the shoot by doing that no hate just thought I’d say because that always happens to me in goal

  3. Thank you, im gonna next time when we try football at PE. And im gonna train alot this time. At first i though the goalkeeper was someone who makes alot of goals and is impossible to get the football out.

  4. Just watched this yesterday, then played a tournament a few hours ago, 2 goals in a row against adults!


  5. Take 5 min and try this goalkeeper test! It will tell you which world-class goalkeeper R U ?

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