100 thoughts on “How to be a Volleyball player! /// Haikyuu version

  1. after watching this i realized i'm the loud one and the one that takes things to seriously……..is that……..is that what i look like to other people


    But I don't think Oikawa fit for the last one. I think he is the one that pratices the hardest from all of the characters :')

  3. Oikawa literally refused to stop practicing until he seriously hurt his knee, the last one should've been Kenma or something

  4. being a setter sucked an all…

    but yeh, i got to blame the team every once and a while 😉
    (i know, im a bad person)

  5. I'm the one who's too loud and also who never shows up for practice now…. I haven't been for 4 months…

  6. Oikawa hahahaha im the one who never shows up and the setter im an actual volleyball player so hehehe and im also the one who exaggerates the most when i wanna leave lol

  7. I’m the one who’s always anxious when serving in a game, so I mess up 8/10 times. In practice, I’m a good server though. I’m a better bumper than setter. I’m mostly too loud when cheering for teammates. I’m on a team that always loses because only me and one other teammates actually gives a shit about whether or not we lose. I also swear every time I mess up in a game ?.

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