How to be a Volleyball player! /// Haikyuu version

To know the positions The one who hits the ball. The taller guy who hits the ball. The defensive players. The one who blames their team for everything. You expect me to get that? You are way too slow, it’s not that hard. One pass! That’s it! This ball sucks!

100 thoughts on “How to be a Volleyball player! /// Haikyuu version

  1. after watching this i realized i'm the loud one and the one that takes things to seriously…… that…… that what i look like to other people


    But I don't think Oikawa fit for the last one. I think he is the one that pratices the hardest from all of the characters :')

  3. Oikawa literally refused to stop practicing until he seriously hurt his knee, the last one should've been Kenma or something

  4. being a setter sucked an all…

    but yeh, i got to blame the team every once and a while 😉
    (i know, im a bad person)

  5. Lol I'm the bench warmer, I only play for like 5 to 10 minutes in each game😂 . . . wait . . . I'M tHe BeNcH wArMeR!?😭

  6. I'm the one who's too loud and also who never shows up for practice now…. I haven't been for 4 months…

  7. Oikawa hahahaha im the one who never shows up and the setter im an actual volleyball player so hehehe and im also the one who exaggerates the most when i wanna leave lol

  8. I’m the one who’s always anxious when serving in a game, so I mess up 8/10 times. In practice, I’m a good server though. I’m a better bumper than setter. I’m mostly too loud when cheering for teammates. I’m on a team that always loses because only me and one other teammates actually gives a shit about whether or not we lose. I also swear every time I mess up in a game 😂.

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