How to Be a Better Baseball Player : How to Increase Bat Speed

Hi, my name is Juan Carlos with Expert Village.
Today I’m going to teach you how to become a competitive baseball player. In this segment
we’re going to improve our back speed in terms of strength training. Now this machine The
Universal Machine is the optimal machine to work your back speed. Now what hitters do
is you want to be able to grab this with two hands using a pulley from above as you angle
it at the top. You come and you pull, you just simply pull forward and you’re mimicking
the elbow bend and the wrist band in terms as you we’re hitting a bat in the game. This
type of strength training will improve your back speed dramatically as it will feel as
a feather once you hold a real bat in your hand and once you master this, your triceps
will develop and your triceps will develop. But the most importantly your back speed will
increase huge.

41 thoughts on “How to Be a Better Baseball Player : How to Increase Bat Speed

  1. Nice swing down to the ball motion. This would develope awesome pop ups. Notice the front elbow…working down with little forward motion.
    Take any MLB clip and notice where their elbow is pointing….
    Typical useless drill that promotes arm strength instead of using bigger muscles of the body like the hips, mid torso and shoulders. Take a look at my vids… not a big fella but can take it downtown at will.

  2. Great resistance training but if you mimic that movement as a swing you will never hit a ball as you are breaking your arm and wrist to early and if you do enough reps you will have a bad swing as this is how you will remember to swing.Stay with the proper weight training techinique in the gym for strength and swing off a tee for your swing.

  3. What the hell are you talking about "breaking his hand and wrist" What does that mean "Breaking" This is a stregnthening technique but it will not help with bat speed.

  4. well he was just demonstrating, when he says mimic ur swing, he means for u to mimic your swing, not to just nonchalant it. I'm sure he knows how to swing a bat

  5. Bat speed is what allows you to make those adjustments you idiot. if you have good bat speed you dont have to time your swing on the pitchers fastball which is what causes you to miss off speed stuff. jesus..

  6. "Bat speed is over rated"–wspp60

    You either have never played baseball at a high level, or you have some sort of mental issue.

    Ask any pro or college player, and they will tell you that bat speed is extremely important. bat speed generates power and the shorter and FASTER you are to the ball the better you will hit it.

    And i should leave Jesus out of it, he's a carpenter what does he know about baseball!

  7. Bat speed is important. But of course batspeed alone is nothing. You need timing too. But when you are fast you can wait longer till you start the swing(mlb players start it only when the ball is only a few feet away from him). If you start later you have more time to look at the pitc and finf out if it's a fastball or not, thus making timing easier.

  8. never fails ; expert village comes thru once again with novice teachers claiming expert advice .serious frauds.

  9. this will help a little with bat speed, but only if a player also works his wrists forearms and grip strength, also leg and core training help deliver a quicker barrel through the zone, but good mechanics is the most important part. strength is good, but mechanics strength balance and flexibility are all essential to have great success in baseball, or any sport.

  10. ok this guy is a fucking idot all you have to do is work out your tricepts/ forearms and do some tee work with a swingsock on your bat so you get some extra weight. however dont just work out upper body for baseball all your power comes from your legs in every position

  11. just watched the video


    You do not want to do exercises that mimic your swing with weight plus or minus 20% of your normal bat speed or your mechanics will be effected.
    You want similar movements to a swing, but NOT the same.

    they have his machine at my school gym i've been doing it for 2 weeks and nothing helped

    the core is the key to fast hitting and pitching examples ichiro and lincecum

  13. this guy is clueless about even the most basic physiology. i would not listen to anything he says in any video. if you want to learn about strength and conditioning for baseball, read Gene Coleman or Eric Cressey.

  14. bat speed isnt all about training with heavier bats. that will actually cause you to lose speed, as confirmed by a recent study in JSCR. but this guy is 100% clueless when it comes to strength training for baseball

  15. hello,
    my name is ben and i am 13 and i go to the gym 3 times a week to increase my power and bat speed i work my back,abbs,hamstrings,triceps,calfs,quadraceps,shoulders, some biceps,my whole back,and the inside and outside of my legs, and i also do the machine you show in the video. i was just wondering if you have any other suggestions on how i could increase my power and bat speed. i have seen increases already. my farthest hit is 330 ft.

  16. okay dude…stop, count to three, AND TRY AGAIN! all this exercise does is strengthen biceps and work with resistance. if u wanna get good bat speed and hit the ball farther, get a broomstick, take two strings, and tie weights to the end of the strings. the weights should almost be touching the ground if you hold the stick straight out flat. roll your wrists up and down. BAT SPEED IS NOT ABOUT BICEPS, ITS ABOUT FOREARMS AND WRIST MUSCLES. the key to good bat speed is rolling your wrists quick

  17. work on wrist and forearm muscles. bat speed is crucial because its all about exploding into the ball and following through. the key is wrist muscles because you have to roll your wrists to get the bat all the way around. if you get stronger forearms. youll hit the ball noticeably farther and your bat speed will be the reason. and 330ft at age 13 is nice dude…keep it up:)

  18. You want to increase your hitting ability. Take lots of batting practice. Take like 500 or more swings. Your 13 so this will help you develop your swing. I did all of what you did plus this hitting routine when I was in college.

  19. Hitting a baseball requires having strong core muscles: abs & back, strong legs, and strong forearms. Bat speed is created from the ground, into the legs, through the core, into the forearms/hands, and out to the end of the bat. So, being strong is key but also working on putting that muscle into your swing. Had lots of practice in college on all this… hit .380

  20. just a reminder to everyone watching this: THIS GUY IS CLUELESS. this is just an angled tricep pushdown. it does not build the biceps. and it certainly will not improve your bat speed.

  21. @FalisityAdcock no, at 13 you just need to get used to basic bodyweight exercises like pushups, pullups, and single leg squats. dont overdo it with how much/frequently you throw. wait a few years till you physically mature more before you really hit the gym. swinging a dumbbell like a bat will not help at all

  22. This is painful to watch… since when does extension develop the biceps? That aside, studies have proven that using weighted bats decreases bat speed, so one could assume that this 'exercise' would so the same.

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