How to Be a Better Baseball Player : How to Improve Pitching Strength

Hi, my name is Juan Carlos with Expert Village.
Today I’m going to teach you how to become a competitive baseball player. In this segment
we’re going to talk about strength training for pitchers using the Universal Machine.
Now you want to be able to set the machine up high in a pulley position to where your
arm is at this angle. Then just simply bend forward as you’re pitching the ball and just
simply come forward with the full motion of throw. This is a great strength to improve
once velocity and this is not only for pitchers this can actually be done by all players that
want to improve there velocity. If you’re left handed, you just set the angle up here
and make sure your arm is in this L position and just simply go forward. As you increase
your strength with the Universal Machine, you are going to realize that the way you
throw the ball and for pitchers the way you are throwing your fastball and your curve
ball. Especially your change up at the same type of velocity as your fastball your arm
action will increase dramatically. Increasing the weight on this as you get stronger eventually
improve your arm little by little.

27 thoughts on “How to Be a Better Baseball Player : How to Improve Pitching Strength

  1. Actually, as long as you are using a VERY VERY light weight and do that rotation slowly to the positive point of the rep then slowly back down to the negative…this will strengthen the joint and muscle tissue surrounding the joint. I'm a Physical Therapist and we use an exercise similar to this but we use rubber band like tools.

  2. Very true. Improves release-point and follow-through strength. Like he said, very light weights are key in this department, as you are working on the muscles directly effecting the joint ligaments. Enough for valid resistance, but not enough whereas you need to put any of your body into to rep. You want your forearm to be tired after this one, not your shoulder.

  3. I felt bad even giving this one star because it doesn't even deserve it. This is the worst advice you could give to a pitcher who wants to throw harder.

  4. Increasing weight does nothing for velocity? Take someone who can incline press 185 lbs from bottom to top in one second and increase his strength to 400 lbs while maintaining the same speed. Who can overcome gravity faster?

  5. ask any baseball expert on pitching they will tell you to exercise legs for pitching. the stronger the pushoff the mound the more transfer.

  6. although it seems like a good idea, this is a good way to ruin your arm…your muscles will eventually become too strong for your tendons, your bones, and your ucl to handle…for pitching I wouldn't use anything more than resistance bands for your arm. focus on lower body and core muscles if you're looking for a long healthy career.

  7. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO. as some have mentioned, this is a similar movement to rotator cuff exercises, but that is very different than strength training as an athlete. and yes, baseball players – including pitchers – NEED upper body strength training. but not from this guy.

  8. My strenght and conditioning professor used a video from this guy to show our class what NOT to do for some exercises. This guys has some other bad examples of exercises. At this point I would avoid just watching coming from him.

  9. Please don't do this exercise as a pitcher, you will hurt your arm. This guy does not know what he is talking about.

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