How to Be a Baseball Umpire : Umpire Etiquette

Now in this clip I am going to go over some
umpire etiquette. The most important thing for an umpire to do is to keep his cool at
all times. Stay grounded; no matter how much the parents are yelling and screaming at you,
you never talk to the spectators ever ever, never the parents. You keep it fair, no matter
how much the other manager is giving you a hard time you never get biased. You keep a
straight and level head. If it’s a strike, it’s a strike, if it’s a ball; it’s a ball
no matter what team you are calling it on. Never ever lose your temper. You hold your
ground and you tell them exactly what happened and what you saw and there are times that
an umpire gets blocked out and you can tell the manager looked today I got blocked out.
Did that ball hit him? I don’t have X-ray vision, I can’t see through the guy. Just
tell him the manager that and he understands it most of the time unless he is losing by
a run and he gets mad and then you give him a warning, I like to give him a warning maybe
even two warnings if he is really losing his temper, if he curses he is out and if any
other player curses they’re out but you always give them the benefit of the doubt and let
them speak their peace and get it off their chest and hopefully go right back to playing
ball and you call a good game. Another thing on etiquette is that it is the umpire’s responsibility
to keep everybody in check. If they start yelling at each other, the ball is played
and they start yelling at each other, it’s okay to root for your own team, Come on Bill,
but once you start yelling at the other guy, that’s against the rules it is not allowed
you’ve got to put a stop to that just right away. I had a game just recently where they
were yelling at each other and I put a stop to it and I told the managers control your
players, control your players I’m not going to put up with it anymore and that is the
way you avoid a fight during the game or after the game. You have to step up, you have to
be tough and make sure they are doing the right thing at all times. Alright so sometimes
when the players get out of control and they start heckling each other you have got to
nip it in the bud catch it early stop it right away and don’t let it go on. Remember you
are the boss; you have got to keep it in control you have got to keep everybody on a level
playing field and just play a good clean fair game.

68 thoughts on “How to Be a Baseball Umpire : Umpire Etiquette

  1. How about buttoning your shirt, buddy? Professionals should have their shirts buttoned such that no protective equipment is showing. Same goes for "semi-pros" like this guy…

  2. how the hell did the coach not get tossed earlier when he kicked dirt on the umpire. if that was me umpin, i would of tossed his ass at that moment

  3. these videos shouldnt be allowed, if you are an umpire and you need to go to youtube to learn how to be one, i dont want you to be the umpire for me

  4. OMG THANK YOU!!!! My little league is starting a junior umpire thing where they will teach us how t umpire! i am in the junior league and we will be umpiring not only in the field but also behind the pate and this helps alot! thanks!!!

  5. @07badside He has his hat backwards becuase he was wearing his mask u alwawys should wear your hat backwards when wearing a mask unless they give you the small brim caps.

  6. @mrkbaden14 i think that is a bit harshed what you shuold tell them is they need to wear the hat the right way if it happens again… than yea you say something it does not fix itself than you tell them not to umpire.

  7. @SkateShoeReviewer what the hell… can you explain that one? i am interested in knowing that.

  8. 3 things is wrong.. one ur wearing jewelry.. if players coaches and managers can't niether should an umpire.. 2.. ur ejection call was disgraceful… ur supposed to do a one step 2 step and point in oppisite direction of the coach and 3. when ur having a an aggressive coach u get him to calm down first the best u can and u try to stand on the side of him.. not in front of him..

  9. ok, so just to make sure i understand, to eject someone you…

    1. let them kick dirt on you
    2. punch them in the chest
    3. epic chuck norris fist pump ejection
    4. stare back at him as if he'd just finished murdering 8 people.

  10. This guy has all kinds of ump videos … like he's some kind of authority. He's not. Ignore pretty much everything he does or says. Don't dress like him or look like him. Join a state association and go to the meetings. Watch a varsity game somewhere. You'll see that, hopefully, thay don't look like this guy.

  11. @Stonecutter589 nah i did the clinic
    now ive umped both behind the plate and in the field doing both 2 man and 3 man mechanics!

  12. @mrkbaden14 wow i would never umpire under your command, that if a guy wears a hat backwards they would be fired…a little harsh dont you think?

  13. @washnton23 Sounds like you've never been an umpire. Or, rather, you've been the angry parent.

    Not that this guys is particularly good at etiquette.

  14. @washnton23 Then truly, I wish to umpire kids' games where you do, where parents do not get angry simply because the call went against their team. No parent wants to see their child called out, especially when it's close and even when it's not. I find that a little less than one-in-ten parents are the extremely vocal, spit-in-your-face kind when it's their child up to bat or on base.

  15. @awsomerey101 hat on straight and forward all the time. the game has rules, umpires have mechanics that are our rules, small bill (6 stitch) hat for plate, regular bill (8 stitch) for bases, and yes it is important. you are representing the game of baseball first, your individuality is a distant second.

  16. @washnton23 yes, because the parents always know the game of baseball better than the ump and clearly they are never biased towards calls against their team. You should try umpiring one day if you believe what you just said.

  17. Talk about Bi Polar… at 1:05 this guy is laughing and joking with the coach… at 1:18, just a mere 13 seconds later.. he tosses the guy.

  18. I used to get pissed at the umpire in games and not appreciate the blue what so ever. My dad and I decided to sign me up to be an umpire and I Will tell you one thing I appreciate umps to a new level now!

  19. mattmosca, its a terrible way to teach. by not doing it the right way. so quit acting like you know anything about umpiring because you dont. you got it?

  20. He meant "root for". He speaks with a pretty heavy New York accent. In addition, the coach appeared to be going ballistic on him. He's probably a good Little League umpire, but would definitely look polished if he did high school or higher games.

  21. I umped as a kid but sadly I had to throw so many adults out of the game that were so rude. I just kept My cool though, Anytime they kept mouthing, I'd tell them, Ahh You're full of shit fuck You.. Anytime they asked why I threw them out, I'd try to explain, other times I'd say, READ IT IN MY REPORT!! Hell, I even wrote My own mother up after having thrown my brother out of the game.

  22. george allan, if you want to wear your hat backwards and look like a filthy douchebag then go right ahead. some organizations want to be somewht professional. but you want to look like a filthy hobo out on the field.

  23. I think the man sincerely cares, if does 11/12u and under I'm sure he does a good job. I do wish more umpires had his enthusiasm. However most of his advice is incorrect.

  24. Give this guy a break. He looks like a little league umpire. I’m sure he’s probably a really good one. But dude TURN YOUR HAT AROUND. You’re killin me with that backwards hat we’re not hanging out in the corner of the Bronx. Your umping a game !!! You sound like a NY’er. If you Ump in the tri state area please let me know so I can see you in action. If you’re interested in umping for my association please let me know we need guys badly we are struggling to get assignments covered.

  25. I watched a video last night, where this other ump says not to look sloppy but polished and gave a do and do not examples with pics. This guy with his hat backwards was the do not. But with his mask you would think he’d have to wear his hat like that while at the dish but turn it around if not

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