How to Be a Baseball Umpire : Equipment for Baseball Umpires

Alright, now in this clip I’m going to show
you some of the equipment that an umpire needs to have before he gets behind the plate. Now,
first of all you need to have steel tipped shoes. Alright, ball goes off your toe, it
won’t break it, thank God. Another thing, shin guards, this protects your lower legs
and your knee caps. Now when you’re wearing your shin guards, a lot of catchers and umpires
they put it on this way. I’ve seen it on the inside, always put them on the outside so
when you’re running they don’t catch and you don’t fall over yourself. So always put the
loops on the outside. Another thing is an indicator. An indicator will help remind you
of the count, the outs, and also the innings. Some of them don’t have innings, but this
one does. Another major equipment is your chest protector. This will keep you from really,
really getting hurt, getting the wind knocked out of you. Sometimes you still get the wind
knocked out of you because it doesn’t absorb all the pressure, but it’s good in the long
run with the shoulder pads. One of the most important things, so you don’t lose a tooth,
break a nose or pop your eyeball out is the old face mask. Way back in the twenties they
didn’t wear these but we have to have them right now. Another thing, another very important
thing, I can’t show it to you but, is a cup. A cup is a very hard plastic and it protects
you and you can finish the game if you get hit down there. Some of the other minor equipment
is a pouch, which always makes it handy because you keep your brush in there, clean the plate,
keep your balls in there if it goes out of play you can throw one in, and I always keep
my indicator and a pen in there. Also it’s nice to have an umpire’s uniform. That way
the coaches and the managers can always tell a commissioner, “that umpire number seven,
he’s the best”.

15 thoughts on “How to Be a Baseball Umpire : Equipment for Baseball Umpires

  1. Alwayse stick ur ass towards the pitcher not the stands, never the stands… and wear ur hat forwards dude and get dress from bottum to up

  2. Fuckin idiot. Lets see, this guy must know more about umpiring than every MLB umpire. They dont wear their shin guards over their clothing… when they clearly look like a hobo found some plastic and some nice clothing.

  3. A pouch? Really? It is a ball bag. And video of you with your hat backwards and bending over with your butt facing the crowd while sweeping the plate…… way to show everyone what NOT to do.


  5. I've seen several of this fools clips. There's an old saying "It's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt" This guy removes all doubt.

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