How to Be a Baseball Umpire : Base Umpire Positions

Alright, now in this clip I’m going to show
you what a base umpire’s positions are. There are three positions. The first position is
the A position, the A position you stand in foul territory, behind first base. When the
ball is hit, you go into play, you set yourself up so that you have a good line, as when the
ball and the foot meet the base. He gets a close line in between the base and the ball,
he can see the foot hit as the ball comes in, he listens, he can hear the base being
hit, he can hear the ball hitting the glove, that’s how an umpire could see if he’s safe
or out. And, that’s the best way, by ear and by sight. The base umpire moves into position,
if there’s a man on first base, he’s in his B position, a B position is in between the
mound, second base and first base. The reason this is a perfect position, you could see
a close place at first base, you could see a steal, balls past, balls going to second
base, you turn you could see second base from here and you’re still in position for any,
any play that’s close into second or close back to first. Most times if he goes around
first, goes to second, the umpire will run closer to the plate, get as close as he can
without interfering with the ball. And, he got a good line act, coming in that slide,
coming in and where the tag is made.

15 thoughts on “How to Be a Baseball Umpire : Base Umpire Positions

  1. well we know this anyone should I would hope. the fact is he the only umpire on the field which means he be behind the plate. not that i support him but this is a common sense.

  2. Your undershirt should be red (color of last stripe on the sleeve), not GREEN!!  BTW, The Umpire should NOT be standing in the Infield.  This guy should watch the training videos on the Little League Umpire Registry.

  3. Hearing and sight no duh what you going to smell him and say oh I smelt you before I smelt the ball he's safe

  4. dress the part.  Zip or button up your shirt.  Under shirt is disgusting.  We wear navy blue under our blue shirts.  Coaches will give you some respect if you look like you want to be there.

  5. I just noticed the hat.  One size fits all is not the answer.  Get a fitted hat.  You must umpire summer league ball.

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