How to Be a Baseball Fan : Picking a Baseball Team to Support

And right now, I’d like to talk about choosing
your team. And it doesn’t always have to be geographic, for me, it was. I grew up in the
Bay area, you’re seeing the Athletics here on my chest. And I fell in love with them,
when they had the Mark McGuire-Jose Conseco- Walt Weiss days. It was a fun time to be an
Oakland A’s fan. You get out there in mid-afternoon and they just, they just play baseball for
the best reasons possible. They just went out there and absolutely competed it both
day in and day out, and I fell in love with that. But it doesn’t always have to be geographic.
You could be living in California and love the New York Yankees or you could live in
Boston and love the San Diego Padres. So it doesn’t always have to be geographic. What
you need to find in choosing a team, is something you feel passionate about. It could be their
uniforms. You may not want to admit that out loud, but it may be their uniforms. It could
be the fact that you think that their number one starting pitcher is the sexiest man alive.
And again, you may not want to admit that you to husband, but that may be a reason why
you would want to root for that team. And those teams love the fact that they have people
all over the country rooting for them, because that means they’re going to sell more jerseys,
sell more hats. They’re going to sell more tickets for when you’re vacationing out there.
So, they love that. And I think that you don’t, don’t tie yourself in, just because you live
in Tampa Bay, you have to be a Devil Rays fan. If you want to be, that’s great, because
it’s more convenient for you. But you know what? There’s also so many ways to watch the
games now. So choosing a team doesn’t have to be controlled within your tiny environment
that you live in. You can watch it on Cable now has the Extra Innings Package, which
I had last year, and didn’t miss an A’s game, even though I was living up in Maine, which
is about as far aways as you can get from the Bay area. So I think it’s very important
that you realize, you have to have a passion for something about the team. It could be
a player, it could be a uniform, it could be the broadcaster. It doesn’t matter what
it is, but find a connection with something, and stick with it, and really, and really
see it through.

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  1. I feel like this is a bad reason, but I became a Red Sox fan because my rival little brother was a Yankees fan and it never left me when I became an adult. Is that weird?

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