How to Be a Baseball Fan : How to Get Baseball Player Autographs

And one of the few times that I’ll actually
admit screaming like a little girl is when I get a big time player’s autograph. I’m not
only a Baseball fan, but I’m also a Football fan. I’ve got Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Roger
Craig, all these big super stars from when the 49ers were great. I got all those autographs,
I got to meet, spend some time with them. It was exciting, but the fact is that even
at that age I had to realize how I had to treat these people. It’s not something that
they are required to do and you have to make sure that you, that you treat them with respect,
just like they would treat you with respect in return. So if you’re yelling at somebody,
“Hey, Joe Blow, You’re mommas ugly and I want your autograph now.” You’re not going to get
it. You have to treat people with respect and that’s very important as part of the autograph
hunting experience is that, you know what, stand back, let them get their batting practice
done or let them talk to the coaches first. I will tell you the best time to get players
is before, at Baseball games, is before batting practice or during batting practice. They
have time to interact with you. That’s their time, kind of, that’s their down time. Once
basically an hour before the game starts, that’s when they have to get into their mode.
That’s when they get into playing mode and it’s probably not the most appropriate thing
to bug them at that time, because it is bugging. It would be like somebody coming into your
work, when we’re right in the middle of the meeting, somebody asks you for your autograph.
You’re not going to be to happy with that. It’s going to throw you off. That’s what they’re
doing. This is their job. So prior to a game, they’re loose, they’re, they want to interact
with you because they like hearing your stories. They like, they actually like to hear that
you love them, I mean, that is something, everybody loves to be loved. At least I love
to be loved. I think that it is very important that you realize and respect people’s time
and I think right before the game, about, if you can get there two hours before the
game. You watch an hour of batting practice. You have a way to get down to the field because
security is very lax, they let you get right down really close to the players. They’ll
sit there and sign 500 autographs. They have no problems with that because they know how
much it means to you and in return they are getting gratification too. After the game
the access is very restricted. They have a parking lot. They have a player’s parking
lot and a lot of times there is very heavy security. They’ll let you sit around it and
if the players choose to stop in their car right outside the gate and sign autographs,
that’s the only way. There’s no guarantee. I will guarantee you will get a lot of autographs
before the game. You’ve got to be willing to get there a couple of hours early but I
will say it’s kind of part of the experience. Watching batting practice is also a great
way to get a foul ball, which we’ll get into a little bit later, but it’s a great way to
interact with the players. Before a game, they’re pretty loose, up until about an hour
before the game. After the game, especially if they lost, I wouldn’t even bother because
they’re just having a bad day at work. You don’t really want anybody, you want that drive
home to kind of just focus. I think it’s very important that you respect the player’s time
whether it’s before or after the game.

8 thoughts on “How to Be a Baseball Fan : How to Get Baseball Player Autographs

  1. I agree that u have to treat a player with respect.I get autographs a lot at Busch Stadium.There is a big group of Ebayers at Busch Stadium.The ebayers are jerks.They pick on me a lot.Because i get some players that never sign for them.Last year the Ebayers cussed me out.after they saw Phillies Jimmy Rollins gave me his batting gloves.

  2. before the whole aroids thing i got a-rods autograph with the c.o.a and i was so happy and he was going to be in the h.o.f and now wow its like wtf whyyyyy!!!!!!

  3. Where would I go to message a player and hopefully get a response? How or where would I be able to talk to a player at one of there games?

  4. Hey i have a '68 detroit tigers baseball signed by the whole world series team including Al Kaline, Ed Mathews, Dennis McLain, Mickey Lolich, Norm Cash, Don Wert and many more i actually got the signature from their Manager "Mayo Smith" how much would a memorabilia like this be worth?

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