How to Be a Baseball Fan : Eating at a Baseball Game

Right now my stomach is just grumbling because
I’m thinking about this topic. But how to eat at the baseball game. It just that, you
know, you can go broke by going to the baseball game because the food is just so tempting.
If, if you’re on Atkins or your on some kind of diet, throw it out of the way for a day.
Because you go there you’ve got to grab a couple of dogs, you got to get a beer or coke,
or a pretzel, French fries, chili fries. It’s just amazing, it can get very expensive. So
if you’re going there with the kid, you know they have special deals. A lot of times they
have little family meals and they’re great. You know, you get a hot dog, you get a drink
a lot of time you get popcorn. But man I’ll tell you, you know, stadiums have gotten to
the point like you know I’ve gone to a couple of games in San Francisco where you’ve got
gourmet meals and they’re fantastic and it’s just like, you know okay, I’ll pay $20 bucks
for a meal that’ll basically keep me full for about an hour. But that’s part of going
there, part of it is to enjoy that food, you really throw your lifestyle out of the way
for a day. You know, make sure that you really go there to enjoy everything that it has to
offer. You know, come with cash handy, you know like I said it will be kind of, kind
of expensive although most places take you know, debit cards, credit cards whatever it
is. But I will say it will add to the experience. And make sure you get it early. Because once
the game starts, starts, gets started you don’t want to, you don’t want to disappear,
because you don’t want to miss any minutes of the action. They do have people coming
through the stands throwing stuff at you, peanuts, cotton candy and that’s always fun,
but also, you know that’s also even more expensive than you know going up up above. So it’s a
lot of fun, don’t let the lines really drive you nuts, because you know what, it’s worth
it in the end run. You know, Dodger dogs, you know I absolutely despise the Los Angeles
Dodgers myself, but you know, when I go there, man, five or six Dodger dogs later I’ve gained
a couple of pounds. So anyways, it’s a lot of fun, chow down and enjoy. Alright so I
will not testify for you in court, but technically most stadiums won’t allow you to bring your
own food in. Doesn’t mean you can’t do it, especially if you have a child. I do know
for a fact they will let you bring in children’s food, especially if they’re five years or
younger, if they have a special diet. I know that my wife and I, we took our, our two year
old at the time, and we were able to bring in formula and the whole deal. A lot of times
they’re very strict because post 9-11 restrictions, they have to watch whatever is coming into
the stadium. But I would avoid bringing the food from home. I mean a snack here, and a
snack there is one thing. But I truly believe it’s about going there and experiencing the
food that’s there what they have to offer. Yes, it’s made in mass and yes it’s horrible
for you, but it’s part of what baseball is, it’s part of the America’s pastime. I mean
in America we don’t eat well anyway, so you might as well go to a game and do the same

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  1. @dragon7890 what sport are you a fan of? football? spend money to see a bunch of guys hugging each other to bring a ball a few feet? wow exciting.

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