How to Be a Baseball Fan : Buying Season Tickets in Baseball

Season tickets are expensive; I’m not going
to lie about that. Season tickets can be extremely expensive but there are different values on
them. If you want to sit up in the third deck, a lot of times you can get 81 games worth
for probably approximately $600. And that’s just buying that seat. You own that seat for
the rest of the year. You can’t get to a game, you want to sell them to one of your coworkers
or give them to one of your coworkers, you can do that. Your name’s not on the seat but
they’re yours for the year. It also gives you priority seating during the playoffs.
And when the playoffs open you get first bid on that seat. And you also, I believe most
teams do this, it’s team by team, will give it to you for the same price you paid in the
regular season which is really cheap comparatively. If that seat was to go away and they were
to charge somebody else it’d probably be twice the amount. So you have to get priority seating
for the playoffs and you have a guaranteed seat for every home game. And that’s pretty
amazing considering you don’t have to be there 81 games a year. Most likely, you won’t be
able to be there 81 games a year, but you can pick and choose. You want to go see the
Yankees play, you want to see the Red Sox play, you’ll have that opportunity and you’ll
always have it. So season tickets definitely have an advantage but you’ve got to make sure
you want to make that financial commitment.

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  1. In DC they rolled out Club Nats with all kinds of privileges, such as spending time on the field during warmups

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